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 Post subject: Waiting, Trusting, and Divine Flow
PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:20 pm 

Human beings are meant to live in a Divine flow, a state of grace that contains no fear, for fear is part of the old way, and the new way is that of oneness.

This 'flow' is based on a new reality - that of the Source of life present within all things, making all things trustworthy as part of the One.

Julie of Light Omega

In the early years as I was giving my life in service to God, I wondered more often than not, why it was that I would encounter oppositional forces opposing at times even the simplest of moves forward in my daily life.

I was confused too, for I was awakening during the times of the blossoming prosperity consciousness new age spirituality movement with messages such as "you can do anything by mentally willing it so", and "if one is not in the flow and blessings are not pouring forth, then there is something wrong, or it is one's own fault that the reality of suffering and limitations". This form of prosperity based spirituality has now moved into the consciousness of the general population and in some Christian congregations, preaching a prosperity based message which translates loosely as faith = financial blessings and fabulous wealth pouring forth. There were years in service where experiences of poverty, homelessness, and intense suffering sorely tested my faith as my reality and the reality of prosperity consciousness collided.

"...The power of light is the strongest force in Creation.  It can redeem all that is separated.  It is the same force through which all of Creation came into being. To participate in this healing is to align with light and not darkness.  It is to choose wholeness and love over all else that may claim one's involvement."

II.  Free-Will ... Part2.html

I continue to encounter forces which have the power to cause long term limitations and at times, suffering. Even as this is true there exists a greater spiritual truth which Beloved Julie has taught me - "the energies of Light are stronger than the energies of opposition."

Over the years this message was difficult to hear and even more so to believe! For the realities which were unfolding within and before me, did not look or feel like the energies of Light reigning in full glory, nor did my life reflect a life full of Divine flow, rather, the realities I was encountering were of suffering, intense limitation, pain, and torment.

These experiences manifesting in my reality matrix taught me as I sought to align with the Teachings of Julie, that indulging in the energies of belligerence, depression, self pity, fear, or anger in the presence of these oppositional and dense energies brings more suffering to the heart and spirit. Beloved Julie, and the experiences of engaging with the energies themselves, taught me that the energies of darkness can never be overcome by energies of darkness.

"Many who have led relatively stable and comfortable lives are today being cast headlong into what is often called a “dark night of the soul,” but which is, in reality, the upsurge of internal energies of negation that are seeking release, combined with the effect of other energies that are amplifying what has lived within the self.  This becomes a desperately painful situation for those who do not know what is happening and who do not see a way out of or even through the emotional situation that is developing. The definition of the situation in terms of its spiritual import is key.  For the world and each embodied being is being affected by the greater light present on the Earth which is purifying all souls, their emotions, their minds, their bodies.  It is bringing into consciousness what could not have been permitted before, in order to release it forever."


In the presence of thousands of unfolding sacred moments, I continue to learn that accepting and acknowledging the reality playing out energetically is a first step towards being present in the presence of energies of opposition and density. Yes, accepting with compassion, my personal powerlessness and helplessness in the presence of the energies of opposition and density is essential if I wish to bring to the fore of my consciousness the nature of the reality which is unfolding, so that as consciously as possible in the presence of the energies, I am able to make choices as to what I am being called to do or not do, next.

"The problem of helplessness, in addition to the original mental, emotional, or physical pain it seeks to alter, is twofold.  On the one hand, it is challenged on an ego level as a result of the ego's not being in control in the ways that it has been accustomed to.  On the other, it is also challenged by dark energies that seek to interfere with the purification process through amplifying thoughts that are self-denigrating or self-accusatory.  These thoughts imply that there is no point in surrendering to Divine will in this way and that what is really needed is action in a different direction.  Thus, the persistence needed during the purification process is challenged both by the voice of one's own ego which chafes against having to submit to conditions it would rather not endure, and by energies of darkness which amplify feelings of impatience, doubt, and frustration, and support feelings of foolishness or failure that result from not being able to 'do something' to make things better."


Asking For Guidance and Waiting: The Way Forward:

"The Divine flow emerges as idea, as emotion, as energy and as understanding.  There is not one way in which it is perceived or experienced. It is unpredictable and beyond the mind, and yet its intelligence guides each soul’s inner knowing and inner perception of truth.  Its movement becomes the shape and structure of a life."

Julie of Light Omega ... -Flow.html

Asking to be shown the way forward is an act of humility, allowing into the unfolding reality the energies of Light, a power greater than the forces of density and opposition. "What is Your Will for me today?" "Please guide me as to Your Will for me." "What is it that I am being called to do next?"

I can tell you Dear Readers for many years, I did not like the answers I received, especially as I was engaging with the purification of personal energies of darkness - fear, doubt, anger, self pity. I did not realize the silence I heard or lack of guidance as to 'what to do?", was the guidance. Not doing was the guidance. Not pushing that which would not move, not pushing my body when I was dealing with energies of limitation - was the answer to my prayers.

Repetitive experiences with the energies of opposition and density have brought a knowing to my mind and body as to when the energies are infusing my reality seeking to align with my emotional and spiritual energy bodies. These days the prayer for guidance is a part of my consciousness often without needing to say the words aloud. There are times, more so in service for those who are helping me, I will try alternative paths around situations of blockages and limitations, even as I know, it is time to wait. Oft times, such actions intensify and perpetuate the oppositional energies.Yet the belief is so hardened in many minds and internal wiring that it is not uncommon for me to encounter embodied souls who feel I am "giving up, not trying hard enough, not trusting", etc.. However counterintuitive it may look, I know the true power to move forward in any situation comes from aligning with the Divine Flow

"Anchoring in light creates a new kind of 'flow' - a flow of connection with the Divine source of our being. It is uplifting, positive, tranquil, reassuring, comforting, and real. During the moments in which we are truly within this Divine flow, we know ourselves to be safe and we know ourselves to be alright.

Which 'flow' we align with is a choice that each must make - whether to remain attached to the emotional swings that appear to be generated by valid and definitive external circumstance, or to be anchored in what is permanent and beyond the influence of the external. The Divine flow of light moves through the core of our being at all times or we would not be able to live. Today, we are able to access this truth more easily because of the greater proximity of spirit and matter. All that is needed is to search for it within."

http://art-of-being-present.lightomega. ... /flow.html

When the energies are at full force, blocking me and creating limitations, moving in another direction is not a viable path. Waiting and trusting that a path will be made for me, is essential to not aligning with the denser energies seeking to infuse my consciousness and create outer obstructions. Sometimes the waiting is short term, sometimes the waiting is longer. Even as this is true, paths do open, either through those who are brought into my life, or through seemingly serendipitous occurrences. Just as suddenly as they had appeared, the energetic limitations and blocks diminish in intensity or vanish. When the suffering is relentless and the energies overwhelming, I have found spiritual comfort and reassurance through the blessing of being able to sit with my Beloved Teacher Julie of Light Omega.

"Beyond specific streams of help offered and help received is the light available to mankind that may be termed the Breath of the Divine. This Breath is a flow of light that moves through all creatures, maintaining life, sustaining hope, creating the wish to live in a state of oneness and love - the natural state of the soul."

http://art-of-being-present.lightomega. ... ne_06.html

This morning, as I was preparing for a full day of responsibilities and doing, the energies of opposition and density began manifesting In the sacred moment. I knew what was unfolding and that I had a choice - I could seek to try and create my own flow for that which needed to be done, or I could wait for the path of Divine Flow to open. I choose to stop and wait. Whilst waiting, guidance came to me that I was to write to you Dear Readers. Thy Will be done.

with love,

P.S. As per the organic evolving nature of each post, over the course of time, meditations have brought greater clarity which I have then brought to the post.

"...The increase of light upon the earth, today, has begun to show itself in the expansion of consciousness of some, reflected in the new experiences of intuition, inspiration, and other-dimensional awareness that could not have taken place years ago. This infusion of light into our mental process has created a return to a deeper level of knowing and of perception than many of us have felt previously in our lives.
Simultaneously, the infusion of light can create temporary mental disturbances - difficult areas of thought that one would prefer not to encounter, areas that feel like they cannot be counteracted by an effort of will, but that seem to take up occupancy in the brain, unbidden.
The same is true for emotional life. The energy of light interacts with the energy of emotion, producing states that are unexplainable of peace, joy, love, and a sense of inner strength that one may not have felt before. This same infusion of spiritual light can also bring up emotions that have been long forgotten or repressed, that now clamor for attention and for healing."

Julie of Light Omega ... nergy.html

"...In the first place, darkness is often attracted to light as a combatant is attracted to that which it perceives as opposing it. In this way, energies of darkness are often electromagnetically drawn toward the light in order to diminish or extinguish it, not to befriend it."

Julie of Light Omega ... kness.html

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 Post subject: Blessings In The Presence of Suffering
PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:42 pm 

Love Redeemed - Vision - Johanna Raphael 1993.jpg
Love Redeemed - Vision - Johanna Raphael 1993.jpg [ 82.33 KiB | Viewed 19 times ]

An important teaching on my spiritual journey has centered on the redemptive powers of Light and Love. During the greatest of trials and tribulations, I have been loved, beloved, held, cared for, and prayed for, even when my mind and heart believed that I was alone in my suffering.

Blessings have poured forth in my life which to this day, astound me.

Blessings have been shared with me often from hearts of tender caring and also from seemingly indifferent hearts. I have found in the darkest of times, love, strength, wisdom, and caring.

Yes, this spiritual journey has been challenging and difficult. There were moments when I thought I could not go a step further. In retrospect, in those moments, love was always there.

Perhaps not in the forms my mind and ego longed for - even so, I grew in my soul-self to see, to know, that the love which came forward was exactly what my soul needed.

Experiences thru suffering have taught me that I am much stronger in character and faith then my doubting mind could comprehend.

Experiences thru suffering have taught me about the true and tender nature of love.

I have found:

- Love is boundless in compassion.
- Love is boundless in tenderness.
- Love is boundless in faithfulness.

As I move forward in sacred Time, I look around me and see with a grateful heart, how supported and cared for I am. I see the souls who have made the choice to sanctify and sacrifice their lives, who have made the choice to walk with me.

I bow deeply in my heart for the blessings of their presence and their love.

I bow deeply to my Beloved Teacher, Julie, for her generosity, compassion, and wisdom. I thank her for her sacrifices and blessings.

I bow deeply to the One whom I choose to call God for the gifts of Love and Light which continue to light my way.

with love,

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 Post subject: Earth Day Blessings
PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:26 am 

Earth Day_2017_Art Johanna Rapahel.jpg
Earth Day_2017_Art Johanna Rapahel.jpg [ 79.84 KiB | Viewed 13 times ]

Earth Day April 22, 2017

All of Earth Day Network’s campaigns, whether protecting forests, registering new voters or greening cities, help create a greener, more sustainable future.

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