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 Post subject: How My Perspective On Suffering Eventually Shifted.
PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:38 am 

How My Perspective On Suffering Eventually Shifted

My life and spiritual path has been a journey involving much suffering.

At one time, I would complain, blame, cry out in anger, and feel shame in response to the suffering I was enduring which often manifested through inner and outer circumstances of my life.

For many, many years, Beloved Julie shared Teachings and compassionate guidance with me, even still, I would believe that somehow, the suffering I was enduring was my fault, that there was something essentially wrong with me.

My perspective changed when I went to New Orleans after Katrina to serve as a volunteer. The Teachings and guidance I had been given, awakened with greater depth within my mind and heart after living amongst my beloved neighbors in the 7th Ward of New Orleans.

I lived amongst people who had lost their home's, treasures, clothing, furniture, you name it, it was lost. Even as all this was true, I witnessed grace of heart, personal fortitude and integrity, and trust in the love and goodness of God which was firmly anchored in the heart. I was honored to be taught by souls whom through great loss seemingly 'had nothing', yet in the presence of ongoing suffering, hardships, and pain, I witnessed the power of love - love of God, love of community, love of family, love of life, which proved to be the most important factor for living a grace filled life.

My neighbors and friends whom I originally thought I was coming to serve and help, in the end helped me let go of the final tethers of believing that poverty, suffering, pain, helplessness, and adversity were signs of personal failure.

My neighbors and friends demonstrated through their fortitude, faithfulness, gratitude, strength, humor, and good will, what grace in the presence of suffering looks like.

Yes, my outer circumstances have changed, and I give thanks for my life and the blessings I have been given the opportunity to enjoy. I continue to suffer in ways I would rather not share, for the details of my suffering are not important, what is important is how I now hold the suffering which I endure.

I no longer feel blame, I am no longer as eager to embrace self-judgement and failure as truth, gratitude is not something I need to find within myself in the presence of suffering and pain. I have a knowing within that no matter the intensity of my suffering and pain, that God is with me. God manifests in my life, through my own heart and even more importantly, I am now able to see God's presence in the hearts of those who love me and those whom I may only have a brief experience of being 'with'. I have a knowing of trusting in the presence of helplessness that I was not previously aware was possible. I no longer feel something is wrong when the suffering is so intense that I am unable to do what I would like to do in any given moment, knowing that I am doing Thy Will as I wait for energies and circumstances to shift.

All blessings to Beloved Julie for the years of compassion, support, and guidance which brought me through the most painful times of suffering and pain. My soul bows in gratitude for Teachings which instilled in me that God is with me. The Teaching of God is with me, was anchored in love, within my consciousness waiting for the next step of my awakening.

All blessings to my beloved Light Omega community who supported, loved, nourished, helped, and stayed with me in ways simple and complex, as I moved through some of the most intense suffering of my life.

All blessings to my neighbors and friends of the 7th Ward, and to those I met in service in the streets of New Orleans, for bringing to my heart, through the integrity of how they lived their lives, what I needed to awaken to the power of grace in the presence of suffering. Teachings which helped me to finally free myself from energies separated from Love and Light which engulfed, depressed, and separated me from my own heart's compassion and gratitude in the presence of helplessness and suffering, and the embodied awareness of God being 'with' me no matter how the circumstances of my life may look in any given moment.

with love,

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 Post subject: A New Sun Of Hope Rising In The Midst Of Darkness
PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:02 pm 

A New Sun of Hope_Julie of Light Omega.jpg
A New Sun of Hope_Julie of Light Omega.jpg [ 17.01 KiB | Viewed 275 times ]

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 Post subject: Sacred Journey: The Pilgrimage of Light
PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:11 pm 

The Pilgrimage Of Light

The 'pilgrimage of light' is the journey that embodied souls here on Earth have agreed to take, for each one who has come here has agreed to play their part in the personal and collective transformation that is now occurring.  It is a sacred pilgrimage because the goal is nothing less than the return to knowledge of one's Divine origins and center, and such knowledge, being experienced as a physical reality rather than as a thought, will transform both the principles and structures that human beings live by.
This sacred pilgrimage has been agreed to by all souls who inhabit the Earth.  There is no one who is here except by choice, and each is here to further their own personal healing and capacity to hold light while at the same time furthering the collective destiny of the Earth.  This duality of purpose is written into the soul contract with which souls have arrived and are still arriiving.  It is part of the deepest knowing of purpose and it links individual aims with those of the collective whole.
The journey that the Earth is embarked upon is one that has been ordained since the beginning of time.  It cannot be reversed.  It cannot be undone.  Nor can souls who have chosen to be here now choose to be unaffected by the intensity of changes now taking place within physical matter.  What one does with these new perceptions is always a matter of individual choice, but the changes themselves are intrinsic to being alive in physical form and they apply to all.

Continue Reading:
The Pilgrimage of Light

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 Post subject: Purification Of The Energies of Abuse
PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:37 pm 

The Collective and Individual Purification Of The Energies of Abuse

"On an inner level, the cosmic moment brings together the inner unfoldment of the Divine heart of the world within the hearts of each embodied soul.  It activates new perceptions arising from new and spontaneous intuitions of truth, and brings about change on all levels of action and perception. 

On an outer level, the cosmic moment comes in large and small alternating waves of light and darkness cascading about the events of the day – the force of growth, love, reverence, and unity stirring one set of emotions, the force of separation, fear, and conflict stirring another."

 Julie of Light Omega

We are as a nation and planetary family moving through a purification of the energies of abuse.

These are a few, (not all), of the ways in which the energies of abuse can manifest:

--Self Abuse
--Familial Abuse
--Institutional Abuse
--Ideological Abuse
--Religious and Political Abuse
--Cultural, Tribal, National Abuse
--Gender Abuse
--Caste, 'Divine Right to Rule', 'Racial'*, Abuse

These energies have been (and are), manifesting with greater intensity within each new moment.

"'Spectrum equality' is the result of seeing all of life not in terms of classes but in terms of individual being, not as higher or lower, but as part of a sacred tapestry within which individual consciousness varies to an infinite degree. In its emergence at this time within the mainstream of collective awareness, it stands opposed to all that would classify individuals according to group stereotypes,, all that would polarize groups, and all that would detract from the liberty of each being to be themselves."

Julie of Light Omega

We all, as embodied souls, have at some point in our embodied lives dealt with or experienced the energies of abuse. Whether we were abused, are being abused, or have been abusers, the energies of abuse of the self, one another, and those perceived as 'other' has been an aspect of our individual and collective history as embodied souls on earth.

The energies of abuse - whether it is abuse of power, abuse of freedoms or human rights, abuse of individuality, abuse of gender choices or gender birth, abuse of culture against culture, abuse of religious preference against religious preference, abuse of peoples who have been deemed less than by caste or perceived to be given special divine (or financial) rights to rule, (the list is endless) the energies of abuse have been pervasive and insidious.

"Purification is both individual and global.  Though it is an inner process, its effects can be seen in outer life as well, especially in the area of relationships - between people, within communities, among nations, and in relation to the Earth itself.  It is not a process based on one religious or spiritual orientation, but rather belongs to all spiritual orientations.   The purification process is the pathway through which each human being returns to an intimate experience of relationship with God."

Julie of Light Omega ... sence.html

When a purification issue comes to the fore of individual and collective consciousness for healing, the energies, in this posting - the energies of abuse, become magnified as they are releasing. As the Purification Process unfolds, we have a choice as to whether we align with the truth of who we are and how I AM made us, or with the releasing energies. Choices as to whether we align with the energies of separation or with the energies of wholeness, are often not recognized as a choice, as unconscious or separated aspects of our personal and soul histories intertwine with the releasing energies filling heart's and mind's and effecting thoughts, actions, and words.

The energies of abuse of self, one another, of the Earth, and all which inhabits the body of the Mother, are being released. There have been (and continue to be), many writers, teachers, and individuals who have given their lives and heart's in service to help us awaken to these energies separated from Oneness. Now more than ever, the advent of Light magnifies and reveals patterns, emotions, and thoughts once hidden or covered over. The releasing separated energies can create situations when in alignment with Divine Light which can bring about possibilities and experiences of wholeness - holiness - healing, or if acted out, can wreak havoc.

"The force of Divine love is descending, today, from the higher realms into the planes of time and space as part of the inflow of greater light.  As a result, all manner of changes will result - both the purging of blocked passages that human beings and society as a whole have contained, and also the elimination from both body and consciousness of those things that individual souls have held within themselves that have been unresponsive to healing efforts in the past. 

Many souls carry ancient scars within themselves that have been waiting for healing. In the course of time, they have accumulated wounds of various kinds that arise out of human experience, some affecting the heart and mind, and some affecting the soul itself which carries the imprint of deeply felt pain."

Julie of light Omega ... -Love.html

An important aspect of our journey to collective awakening - becoming whole again, will involve reflection and introspection as well as the purification (letting go) of that which is within which has left us individually and collectively vulnerable to the energies of abuse.

Healing can and is taking place, one heart at a time. When we purify energies within ourselves, we are able to stop the spread of the releasing separated energies by focusing our heart's and mind's on the upliftment of each other and by supporting the right 'to be', each of us, as I Am has made us.

The truth of who we are is love. One soul at a time we awakening to this truth. When we are aligned with the loving truth of how I Am made us, we become more available to serve each other as bearers of Light, and embodiments of truth and love.

"So much of healing has to do with self-forgiveness, often even more so than with forgiveness of others.  This is because one’s own mistakes and shortcomings are often more apparent to the inner eye, even if they are held secretly from others."

Julie of Light Omega ... -I-Am.html

Spiritual Nourishment:



An Idea Whose Time Has Come ... -Come.html




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 Post subject: Light: Bringing Into Consciousness What Needs To Be Set Free
PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:48 am 

Julie of Light Omega

"... Spiritual light, today, is accelerating the process of healing on all levels, and bringing to the fore emotional and relationship issues that one may not have experienced before, or thought were put to rest."

"...This emergence of unhealed issues is a result of the greater light present, whose nature it is to bring into consciousness, that which needs to be set free."

Today, the presence of greater spiritual light on earth is affecting the entire planet, and with it, all of her inhabitants. This increased light is not an abstraction, but an energetic phenomenon that influences physical and emotional functioning in much the same way that the rays of the sun can influence body and psyche, affecting many areas of feeling and perception. Spiritual light, today, is accelerating the process of healing on all levels, and bringing to the fore emotional and relationship issues that one may not have experienced before, or thought were put to rest.

In the presence of this greater light, the process of purification for individuals and for the planet as a whole is being brought forward. What this means is that emotional intensity may run high as issues in need of healing manifest more fully both within one's inner awareness, and also within significant relationships. This emergence of unhealed issues is a result of the greater light present, whose nature it is to bring into consciousness, that which needs to be set free.

Just as there are many physiological and psychological responses to the warmth, heat, and light of the sun such as raised skin temperature, experience of brightness, need for fluids, sense of comfort, etc., so, too, are there many responses to the presence of greater spiritual light. For example, there may be an amplification of pre-existing conditions such as the tendency toward depression, anxiety, or sleeplessness; or the recurrence of old physical symptoms that one thought were gone forever; or the introduction of new symptoms.

Conversely, instead of a heightening of emotion, there may be a deadening of emotion as the dynamics of feeling and defense against feeling come into play. In such cases, it sometimes happens that little can be felt or understood except that a shutting down of thought and feeling seems to be taking place. No matter which direction the purification process takes one in, the cause of the turbulence is the same, namely, the stirring up of previously sealed off feelings, motivations, and energies that are now becoming conscious or are threatening to do so.

One can look at this phenomenon in a variety of ways, and indeed, it is likely that many who suffer at this time will find a psychological explanation most reasonable. However, when looked at within the context of spiritual expansion and purification, what is most useful is the ability to remain patient with the greater intensity that is present for many, and to understand that the intensification itself is calling each soul to become more aware of their own spiritual identity, more conversant with the meaning of this time on earth, and more understanding of the need to remain aligned with a source of spiritual support to give stability during this period of change.

Such a point of view holds that there is not something 'wrong' that is happening, but rather something difficult and sometimes painful that is part of a greater process. And while one may choose to seek help in ways that are familiar for difficulties that arise, it is also useful to look more directly at the cause of the difficulties, even if that requires a new premise on which to base one's understanding.

The process of purification will continue to intensify while the body continues to adapt to the new light, and so it is most useful to begin to look at the underpinnings of purification and to learn how to work with it in its more gentle and its more intense stages of expression. In this way, what needs to be healed can become so in the smoothest way possible, and the accelerated growth trying to happen can be supported by the light of God that is at its source.

by Julie of Light Omega ... terns.html

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 Post subject: Promise of Love - For The Beloved
PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:03 am 

File comment: The black arrows represent the energies of darkness.
The Promise of Love is with us in the presence of the energies of darkness.

Promise of Love_For The Beloved_JohannaRaphael.jpg
Promise of Love_For The Beloved_JohannaRaphael.jpg [ 87.63 KiB | Viewed 264 times ]

Prayer For Bringing Darkness To Light

May that which has lived in darkness
be brought, now, to the light.
May all that has prevented healing
from taking place be like a chain
whose links are finally broken,
freeing those who have been imprisioned,
liberating those who have been confined.
May all become free as they are meant
to be free.

Prayers for the New Earth
Julie of Light Omega

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 Post subject: Prayers For The Suffering - Rain Of Terror, Las Vegas
PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:41 pm 

Prayers for the Suffering_Las Vegas Nevada Domestic Terror Attack.jpg
Prayers for the Suffering_Las Vegas Nevada Domestic Terror Attack.jpg [ 104.43 KiB | Viewed 256 times ]

Prayers For The Suffering - Rain Of Terror

Terrorism is an act of inflicting terror.

We as American's continue to join, one mass shooting at a time, the multitudes of peoples worldwide who suffer through no fault of their own, the terror of being suddenly attacked by another human being who seeks to take lives and inflict the greatest amount of terror and damage to the people around them.

Whilst America may not suffer from terror attacks which involve bombs, we do suffer and have suffered for years from mass terror attacks from those with guns who kill those they have a grudge against, or those souls who are in proximity at the time to those who are alignment with the energies of darkness.

So many have died in this blessed country from mass shootings. This is our largest domestic terror attack yet.

Prayers for the suffering, for those who will have enormous hospital bills, years of therapies, loss of work, loss of loved ones, and the scars of terror which take the soul sometimes lifetimes to heal. Prayers also for those who sit in internment camps and war zones, who know this pain similar to ours deeply. Prayers for those who know the sounds of the weapons of war and the devastation of losing those whom they love and their lives as they have known them here in America and planet wide.

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 Post subject: Personal Experiences of Transforming Negative Energies
PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:20 am 

Personal Experiences of Transforming Negative Energies

The transformational process of transforming negative energies involves accepting the paradigm I am in, in service, until another paradigm* presents itself.

"The balance of the future in one sense lies in the outcome of light's ability to overcome darkness upon the earth – a battle being waged within time and space.  Yet in another sense, this future has already been realized since it is inherent in Creation itself that light is stronger than darkness, and therefore, that ultimately it must prevail over all counteracting movements to create separation, disruption, and an abandonment of Divine principle."

The Earth's Role in the Cosmos ... osmos.html

As energies are releasing with increasing intensity in the presence of increasing Light, the energies of density, negativity, and darkness seem, and are, paramount at this time. These energies can be extremely difficult to contain and transform, often creating situations where rest and solitude is necessary to support the body, mind, and spirit.

Having had years of experiences of containing and transforming the energies of darkness, I thought I would share writings from 2011/2012 which might be in service to others who are either new to this process, or have been in service for many years, who may find comfort in what I am sharing.

"I wake up each morning
not wanting to wake up.
Knowing my life is going to be difficult, empty,
and painful…

Nothing in my heart to look forward to.
Each day the same prison.
Some days I see the blessings,
others, I just feel the pain."

Personal Notes:

"I am in a forcefield of negativity and density and do not know how to feel my own vibration, light, or strength.

I am aware that energies are changing and even so, I do not know how to manifest myself out of this reality matrix of chaos, pain, anxiety, and fear."

A short list of how I felt in the presence of the separated energies of darkness:

- Imprisoned - sandwiched between bio-energy fields of density, anxiety, fear, and unconsciousness.
- Frustrated by circumstances effecting me.
- Energies of hopelessness, despair, and depression engulfing my consciousness.
- Feeling overwhelmed by darkness and density.
- Nervous system feels agitated, sound and light painful.
- Fatigued from lack of sleep, and the continual processing of energies which often created headaches and pain throughout my body.
- Little to no inner energy to communicate with others.
- Headaches and pressure from too much energy coming in.
- Feelings which conveyed to my mind and body, 'everything feels difficult to do'.
- Feeling at times overwhelmed by projections of energies.
- Inner battle between my mind which wants 'to do' and my heart which says wait.
- Ego pressure, life feels broken, body feels broken.
- Mind feeling at times as if it is in a stupor. Unable to write, conceptualize, imagine.
- Feel porous and filled up at the same time.
- Sadness from not being able to feel the presence of God and Light often not at all, at other times, much less than I would prefer.
- Feel the desire to do something creative, feel grief at lack of wherewithal to follow through.
- Feeling as if my life was dwindling away, unable to participate in life as others around me are easily able to do.
- Inner promptings calling for solitude, seeking inner quiet and peace. Long to feel peace and find myself angry when peaceful space feels invaded by energies. Long periods of isolation.

"For a half an hour today I felt 'me'.
And 'me' was peaceful and quiet
and there was energy to move
and do simple things.

For half an hour I felt free
and at peace.
I felt joy and gratitude in God."

Teachings which were able to come through to me at the time:

Surrender to Joy.

Darkness which is a natural part of this 3D reality will seek to 'snatch away' the miraculous and joyful.
Do not be afraid. Do not let the energies of darkness unsettle you.
The energies of darkness are seeking to change your reality of Love and joy. Keep seeking joy and the miraculous.

Excerpted Teachings from Beloved Julie:

"...When life is celebrated in the midst of pain, it is an affirmation of trust in the Divine, it is an affirmation of the goodness of God.
Such trust brings forth the good.
It dispels the darkness.
It creates a new reality.

It is not enough to bargain with God in the midst of pain.
It is necessary to celebrate the Divine truth of one's being, the Divine nature of all of life, no matter what it brings.

Do not turn away and refuse to celebrate and honor the Divine because you are in pain. 

Bring your pain to God and let God's healing love embrace it and hold it with you.
This is the way in which a new world is created - through trust - through love.

All that has been is disappearing into all that will be
The future is emerging out of the present.
Instead of pain we will be learning through joyful surrender.

All that has been is being made new.
All that has sighed with longing is coming into being.
All is being made whole."

Read the entire Teaching:

Notes to Self:

Make your heart 'light'.

Let go of aligning with the pain - hardness.

Pain and limitation are the energies of darkness seeking to keep me locked in its prison of contraction.

To be free the key is to love God, give my pain to God and celebrate the moment.

To give my pain to God was much easier to accomplish in the presence of suffering than it was to celebrate the moment in the presence of pain and suffering. Such transformative work takes time, and immense amounts of self compassion and forgiveness.

I must wait until God shifts this paradigm I am in, until there is enough light.

"Good morning birds of life
living a life without strife,
singing a song of joy,
I hear you with my heart."

* Paradigm in this instance to indicate pattern

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 Post subject: Just Be And Let Go.
PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:34 am 

Just Be And Let Go.

Can you stop using markers in time
to judge your self
or confine your self
to a reality based in construct?

There are no markers.
Time is a continuous flow - one day
into the next, one night into the next.

Just be and let go.
Be what feels true.
Let go of your mental constructs
and those of others,
of what you should be
and be yourself.

with love,

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 Post subject: Shifting to A Soul Based Reality
PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:08 am 

Shifting to A Soul Based Reality: Energies, Light, and Purification

"...In the course of spiritual evolution, the quality of one's emotional life naturally changes, and the process of purification, initiated by the infusion of greater light, accelerates this change.  Purification begins to transform the function of emotionality from a karmically-based foundation to one that is soul-based. Instead of the personality-self operating according to its own tastes and preferences, this outer expression of selfhood begins to reflect the wishes, intentions and attitudes of the higher self or soul.  As this shift in identity takes place, emotions that are 'lower' in vibration – namely, those that partake of negative energies more than positive - are replaced by ones that have at their root, the experience of love.  This transition occurs because it is the soul's essential nature to exist in a continual state of love, and as the personality adapts more and more to the soul's essence, it, too, becomes infused with the deeper attributes of the soul."

Julie of Light Omega ... tions.html

"As the body becomes more infused with light on a cellular level it also becomes more sensitive to the energies around it and within it that are not of the light. The perceptions of light and darkness are therefore part of the growth of the light body - energetic perceptions that primarily occur within the energy body but that can be felt within the physical body as well. 

Awareness of light comes differently to each of us, conveying a sense of spaciousness, expansion, upliftment, clarity, and love.  Awareness of darkness, when encountered, often conveys the opposite effect - sensations of  disquiet, agitation, anxiety, fear, heaviness, or oppression.  Within our present collective state of awareness we tend to experience energies of darkness as belonging to our personal self, to the emotions we believe ourselves to have and that we identify with. We do not think of these emotions as influenced by energies both within and outside of us, yet they are.
Light and darkness as energies are part of Creation, manifested at the same time as that which allowed all things to emerge from the Oneness. In the original divine Unity there was nothing that had a name, nothing separate from anything else.  There was only Oneness. When Creation came into being through Divine intention, things began to separate from each other and opposites of each thing also came into being as the expression of the potentiality of each thing to assume various forms and qualities. In this way, what was originally bound together as light-darkness within the state of Unity, became separated out into distinct forces.  These forces affect our emotions, they affect our lives, yet it is only when we incorporate more light into our bodies and consciousness that we become aware of them.
At present, when we feel negative emotions such as fear, anger, or depression we tend to look for their external causes.  We do not think that they 'just happen.'  Yet, in the spiritual universe that we inhabit we move into the Unknown, we move past rational explanations of causality into a world in which energies from one plane of reality can be felt on another, and where energies within our own physical reality can be transmitted from one person to another without their knowing it or intending that this be so.  It is in this way that we are continually affected by forces beyond our perception that influence both how we feel and who we perceive ourselves to be.
How this happens will, at some point, become the basis for a new science of spiritual energy.  But for now, we are learning the way of recognizing energies as they impact our daily lives, and must go beyond our traditional psychological explanations in order to refine our perceptions. This will allow us to respond with greater choice to the situations we find ourselves in.  In the presence of energies of various kinds, our choice needs to be to remain aligned with the truth of our own deepest being, the truth of love and light, and when something takes us away from that truth, our commitment needs to allow us to take a clear look not only at external situations that may be limiting our love, but at the energies we may be experiencing that are creating this effect as well."

Julie of Light Omega ... ivity.html

"...Many writers have focused on 'Gaia' since 1979 when James Lovelock wrote the first book on the subject. Some look at the interrelationship of ecosystems through disciplines such as oceanography, microbiology, climatology, and geology. Others look at physically measurable energies such as electromagnetic fields, solar radiation, and seismology. A distinctly different group is formed by those 'lightworkers' whose endeavors are shaped by the 'Gaia Hypothesis' and who, for decades now, have been learning more about the 'planetary grid' that surrounds the earth and that nourishes it. Many such 'lightworkers' seek to help maintain and activate this network of spiritual energy - both to assist in the support of life, and to further the transformation of the planet. 'Activation' of the grid through the participation of human beings helps cosmic energy - the higher vibrations of light - to be stepped down so that their passage into and through physical matter can be enhanced."

Julie of Light Omega

"...Light intensifies in its potency, creating a separation between energies of light and darkness. The darkness, once separated, moves from a dormant state into the light of awareness where it can be seen, and felt, and released into the infinite light of God. During this passage, things that were held in the body because they were too painful to feel – things that may have manifested as longstanding physical or emotional symptoms – may intensify in their level of activity while at the same time becoming available to our awareness again. On a planetary level also, things that were latent within human consciousness are now more readily acted out upon the world stage because what was hidden is now revealed, and what has become more conscious has a greater possibility for becoming active in its expression. The purification that is taking place in a general sense means that people will feel more – that things will come up more frequently and with greater intensity on all levels in order to be healed. This is the result of the greater efficacy of light upon the earth, and though its immediate result may be disturbing in certain respects, it is simultaneously creating the possibility for greater freedom of people everywhere to live in love, in peace, and with a sense of unity with all of life.

The increased possibility for dealing with formerly concealed or dormant energies that are now making themselves known, creates entirely new possibilities for healing at this time. This can include physical, mental, and emotional difficulties that are acute, or those that may have troubled us for years. The power of light that is now more available on the planet is already infusing our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Through understanding the process and through working with it in a conscious way – in a way that focuses on the incorporation of greater light into the body and consciousness - greater healing of pain and suffering that relate to the time we are in can take place, and discomfort and distress can be alleviated.

There are many avenues of working with light for purposes of healing and purification, some more powerful than others. Some take place through meditation; some through participation in the synergy of light-filled groups; some through being in nature, and some through spiritual practices which focus more directly on alignment and on breathing in light for the purpose of healing painful areas of life, whether physical, emotional, or any other variety. Commitment to such a practice can go a long way toward concentrating light in the body for purposes of healing. It can also create a heightened awareness, simultaneously, of our deeper identity as spiritual beings."

The Purification of Individuals and of the Earth
Julie of Light Omega ... Earth.html

New Light Body and Vision of Sacred Human.jpg
New Light Body and Vision of Sacred Human.jpg [ 91.16 KiB | Viewed 225 times ]

"...In order for healing of previously held attitudes to take place, the content and energy of such attitudes must pass through conscious awareness before being set free.

The idea here is that within the purification process, darkness must be brought to the light of awareness before it can be let go of.  Indeed, the healing lies in one's ability to sustain awareness of the negative emotions or energies without acting them out and without sinking into despair or feeling alienated from God, thereby creating new issues of consciousness.  This is the work of purification.  It does not eliminate acts of grace or the effect of collective transfusions of light which can also advance healing and eliminate several stages along the way, but it is the essence of what is generally true.

Releasing of energies requires bringing darkness to light in order for the alchemical process of transmutation to occur.  When this occurs, the darkness is released into an energetic matrix which is stronger and more cohesive than the dark energies. When this light is held around whatever painful feelings may be occurring, it slowly but surely dissolves the darkness in the light, never to be heard from again.

…Because the purification process is unfamiliar to most, in many instances doubt can arise, causing one to believe that some thought or feeling is simply repeating itself within the boundaries of everyday consciousness rather than releasing.  This doubt is partly due to the fact that both 'releasing' and 'repeating' often feel the same, and the distinguishing factor is inevitably the presence of greater light – brought about by the individual and planetary shift taking place now.  Sometimes movement forward must be an article of faith rather than one of knowledge.  Sometimes, however, knowledge can be based on the fact that other, simultaneous experiences of greater love, a deepening sense of God's reality, and feelings of joy can also and simultaneously exist, in addition to the energies that are releasing.

Often, a pattern emerges to the releasing process that is different from our ordinary way of experiencing things.  Within this process, energies are likely to travel in waves of intensity, suddenly coming into awareness, building in intensity, and then eventually diminishing in strength and disappearing once again.  This 'wave phenomenon' of releasing energies can at times be a helpful guide in distinguishing emotion related to present circumstance from what is operating as an independent flow, produced by the powerful transformation that purification brings.  The pattern itself lets us know that something is 'passing through' us, rather than remaining stationary. 

That purification can take place at all, is a blessed gift of Divine intelligence and intention, infusing into the earth's spiritual and physical life at the appointed time, light of sufficient strength so that both individuals and the planet can embark on a new and light-filled way of life.  As one goes through this change, there may be difficult times. Yet, the desire to remain steadfast is born out of expanding love which seeks its own ends.  As a result, though releasing brings its own challenges, it is the constancy and continual presence of greater love and the increasing knowledge of God's presence that make possible the endurance needed to meet these challenges, and the faith that all is well."

Julie of Light Omega ... asing.html

"…If you have been feeling certain people becoming more reactive to you in recent times, it may be because they are becoming more energetically sensitive (on the level of the body) without being more energetically aware. Light can join with light in another, but darkness can also react to light's presence with discomfort, projection, or rejection. Darkness can join with darkness in another even when that other is being amiable and not exhibiting it outwardly. This is because the ENERGY within, not the PERSON, is joining with what it perceives inside.

This is a time which calls for greater awareness, greater patience, and greater trust, that these energetic reactions are all part of the process of healing and that all is in motion toward that end. In relation to others who may be less conscious of being in or needing to be in a healing process, patience and forgiveness are needed since the process is happening whether one is aware of it or not.

Try, therefore, not to take things personally when others are reactive to you in ways that may be uncomfortable or different from how they have been in the past. Love is the best and primary healing force in all difficult situations, and it only takes one to love, not two. With this in mind, all relationships can be moved along further in the direction of wholeness and healing. May all be blessed in the light of a new day.

http://art-of-being-present.lightomega. ... nergy.html

Julie of Light Omega ... Light.html

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 Post subject: That Which Comes Forward: Purification of Energies Anger
PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:11 pm 

Light encounters protective energies gone awry_Vision_Johanna Raphael.jpg
Light encounters protective energies gone awry_Vision_Johanna Raphael.jpg [ 74.82 KiB | Viewed 203 times ]

The jagged arrows - their intended representation in visions:

"…forces or energies that act in opposition to the expansion of consciousness are what we refer to as 'darkness'."

"The energy of darkness creates a sense of isolation within individuals, between people, and among nations.  It fuels the negative emotional states that interfere with peace, and leads humanity toward despair, hopelessness, and fear. Even if at other moments we remain faithful to the vision of the sacred, in moments of darkness we turn away from this vision and lose touch with our basic truth.  The reversal of this movement is often difficult thought possible, namely, to choose trust with our hearts, even in the presence of our mind's doubt."

I. Energy
Julie of Light Omega ... Part1.html

Moving forward - there is another way.


Julie of Light Omega ... sness.html

Beloved Ones,
Many think that anger is a fundamental instinct related to being human, and this perception is both correct and incorrect.  Anger is an outgrowth of the ego's need to create protection for the self once Divine protection no longer seemed available or present.  The ego, instituted as the inner agent of self-protection and self-control, when faced with helplessness, seeks to regain power and control through the potent energy release of anger that mobilizes one's defenses against a perceived enemy or threat.  In this sense, anger is a mobilizing agent which attempts to insure that one is well-defended and protected from harm.
However, anger as a defense against helplessness is not the definition of what it means to be human, except at the level at which the ego is presumed to be the authority as to what that definition is.  As embodied souls grow during their time upon the Earth, a new definition of 'being human' comes into play, a definition that has more to do with relationship with Spirit than it does with ego.  In keeping with this transition, a new way of dealing with helplessness needs to be sought and is sought, so that helplessness is not brought to the ego as the arbiter of protection, but rather is brought to God as the Source of protection.
This transition in dealing with helplessness redefines the foundation upon which anger rests.  For if helplessness can be brought to God as the Source of protection, then anger has no basis for existing any longer.  Unfortunately, though simple to say, this is often difficult to do.  For many fear giving up the measure of control and self-empowerment that the energy of anger seemingly offers.  That there is a price to pay for the use of this energy is not always perceived, for one can only generate conflict through the use of anger as a defense, one cannot generate peace.  And further, one cannot generate true security through  anger, for at the next arising of fear or helplessness in life, anger will rise again.
For this reason, those who are moving along a spiritual path need to seek a new way of dealing with helplessness, a way that allows the discomfort and even the pain of helplessness to be felt, but to be felt within a sacred container of divine Love.  Holding helplessness on one's own often creates distress, anxiety, and a fear of the future, especially when energies of opposition and separation amplify these feelings.  This is not the case when one brings helplessness to God, for then one can receive the strengthening that comes from holding helplessness in love, in return for one's gift of trust, hope, and surrender.
Many, however, do not yet trust this arrangement.  They fear helplessness and feel alone with it.  They do not remember how to bring helplessness to God and so they enact the only defense they know which creates a greater feeling of empowerment, namely, to become angry.  Beloved Ones, this defense is not a real defense.  It is a cover over fear of the flimsiest kind.  For even if one is angry and in one moment reduces the sense of fear and helplessness, in the next moment these feelings will return when life presents one with similar conditions, causing one to feel helpless again.
The way of bringing helplessness to God is the way of bringing one's pain to that Divine Heart that can hold it along with one's human heart.  At the same time, one can ask to feel held and upheld through the experience, knowing that no experience comes to the self that does not have a greater gift of learning in it.  One must experience this to know the truth of it.  It often happens, though, because of the years and lifetimes of perceived separation, that for a long time there is not enough trust or willingness to deal with helplessness in any other way but to seize control oneself.
Herein lies the choice regarding anger and helplessness today, namely, whether one will make a decision about how to 'be' with these feelings from the soul's perspective, or whether one will choose the perspective of the ego.  Choosing the way of the soul is not through control but through surrender, and this is a choice that each individual must make according to their readiness to release control in favor of something much vaster and more secure.
At this time, many are facing this choice between alignment with the soul or with the human ego.  As the soul is chosen, anger will play less and less of a part in human experience, while love and the desire for unity with God and with others will play an ever greater part, coming to be the dominant motive which rearranges forever the inner emotional landscape.

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 Post subject: THE NATURE OF THE HIGHER SELF - Julie of Light Omega
PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:12 am 


The human being is composed of multiple 'bodies' that are layers of energy wrapped around a central core.  The central core is the Divine matrix which houses the combined genetic code and soul-essence that gave rise to the body and the formative cellular structure.  Around this core is what we know as the physical body.  The central core is that place in which spirit and matter fuse and in which the source of the physical, namely, the Father-Creator God and the Mother-Creatrix God become one in the manifestation of the Divine/human form.

Around the physical layer of our being and interpenetrating it are other energetic layers which correspond to aspects of consciousness.  These permit the penetration of the higher dimensions of light when the bodies are clear, and they effectively  block out higher light when they are not.  The neutralization of the capacity of the energy bodies to transmit light is one of the prices that human beings have had to pay for embodied existence and the pursuit of individuation, for only then could such misalignment occur that would result in the energy bodies no longer being able to transmit the light of the higher dimensional self or the higher frequencies of light.

The 'etheric' body and the other bodies that are closest to the physical self are what is commonly described as the human auric field, and beyond this field lie the additional energy bodies which join each individual embodiment and soul with the highest light of God, the Source of all. Divinity, therefore, and connection with the divine Source of our being, lies both within the central core of the physical structure that houses  the genetic core, and  is also a result of the interpenetration of the physical body and the higher energy bodies which are connected to God-Source in consciousness as well as in energy.

While we may speak of the 'higher' or 'lower' self in relation to the higher and lower frequencies of light that predominate within each energy body, in truth, there is no 'higher' or 'lower' self as all bodies are interpenetrating, and all are connected with divinity and with the Source of their creation.  Nevertheless, to speak of 'higher' and 'lower' allows us to distinguish frequencies of vibration and therefore of consciousness, and permits a comparison of layers of awakened knowledge which is useful to the human perspective.

To read the entire Teaching:

Julie of Light Omega ... -Self.html

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