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Author:  Johanna [ Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:00 pm ]
Post subject:  In the Path of the Hurricane - A Prayer

In the Path of the Hurricane - A Prayer

Julie of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones,

Let us pray for those in the path of extreme weather patterns – the recent Hurricane Harvey and the approaching Hurricane Irma – and let us at the same time pray for the beloved Earth whose intertwining ecosystems of land, air, and water have been so destabilized that extreme weather patterns have become the norm, rather than the exception.

We feel the devastation caused to those we love and to those who are unknown to us who we feel deep grief for  - those whose lives are overturned by nature's intensity and the consequences of events that are beyond our control.  Yet, we must take responsibility at the same time for the devastation we have wreaked upon the beloved Earth who has sheltered us, fed us, clothed us, and loved us through the ages.  For the Being of the Earth experiences the pain of disruption in ways that are unknown to us, that we must now become conscious of.

O blessed Earth, who has withstood so much neglect at the hands of your children, these children who regarded you as a thing to be exploited for their own purposes, we pray for your wellbeing as we pray for our own.  We seek your wellbeing as we seek our own.  May we come to understand as we witness the pain and suffering caused by intensification of extreme weathers patterns, that we have helped to create these patterns, and that we are one with you in the most basic of ways and share a common destiny.

We, who have witnessed the tragedies and losses in Houston, TX and surrounding areas recently, and who are now preparing for the emergencies and dislocations of many in Florida and South Carolina, stand with those who suffer at the hands of these tempests in whatever ways we can.  Yet, in the same breath we must stand with the Earth and know that what is happening is not being done to us, but rather that we have helped to create the circumstances we are now witnessing.

From these tragedies and devastations may compassion awaken more fully within us.  May the idea that we are separate from each other be eradicated from our hearts.  May we stand together, uplifting each other, not only at times of pain and tragedy, but also in quieter times.  And may we also stand with the beloved Earth, not forgetting her when this latest hurricane has passed, but caring for her day by day, week by week, and year by year, until we have helped her come into balance again in all ways that are needed.

May all children of the Earth be blessed by this knowledge of oneness with the beloved Earth.  In this knowledge and with this knowledge may all of life thrive. 

Hari Om Tat Sat. – That which is within form and That which is beyond form are One.  -  Julie of Light Omega

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Sunday gatherings at Light Omega, 10:30am (ET)

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Author:  Johanna [ Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  The Earth Experiences Consciousness and Pain.

Our Mother Is Crying Out.jpg
Our Mother Is Crying Out.jpg [ 78.42 KiB | Viewed 315 times ]

"…The Divine impulse that is awakening now and what I am trying to help move forward is the path of change, individually and collectively, toward a deeper, more sanctified relationship with the Earth. When I say Earth, I include the physical Earth as well as all her inhabitants. I assume and trust that most of us here are conscious of the Earth's needs, and the way in which the Earth has been abused, or violated, or hurt by human practices. We are aware of climate change. We are aware of depletion of resources and so on. I assume you are all conscious of those things.

What I want to address is the Divine within the Earth. We are not all conscious that we are living a Divine life. Perhaps we have a small feeling about it. But even if that is the case, that is still not the full awakening that needs to happen with out understanding of the collective divinity of ourselves and of the Earth's being. The Earth's being is housed in the physical-energetic body of the Earth. It is no different from our own being. It is larger, more purposeful, more conscious. More conscious.

When we try to look at the parameters of change, we must as ourselves: What can we change? How can we change? How can human beings change in our relationship to the Earth? We need to look inside ourselves first and say: What is my relationship with the divine Earth? What do I believe about this? Maybe I don't even feel this is real. Maybe I still feel that the Earth is simply a physical home for our physical bodies, and that we need to take care of that home because without the resources of the Earth we hurt ourselves. We no longer have what we need.

Well, of course that is true. We don't. But that is not the whole story. That is not close to the whole story. The Earth experiences pain. The Earth experiences consciousness. The Earth experiences what we experience except on a much vaster scale. Every physical body in the universe is conscious. Every physical body. The word for this has been given in many different ways -- spirit, soul. Everything that is physical is spirit.

We need to see where we are with this in our love and in our reverence."

This excerpt is from the book:

What Are You Willing To Become?
Julie of Light Omega

Author:  Johanna [ Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:00 am ]
Post subject:  Prayers for the Suffering: Caribbean Islands and Mainland US

Prayers for the Suffering: Caribbean Islands and Mainland USA

Many may find it difficult to 'stay with' those who are suffering in real time. Suffering happens everyday. Yet times are changing and our distance from the suffering of others is getting smaller, and will in time, become even smaller.

In the United States of America, we have, I believe, been cutoff from the incredible suffering of those who live in areas where we perpetuate war. We have been cut off from the practices of abuse and corruption which have harmed millions from our corporations. We have been cut off from the suffering which does not touch our daily lives. For many, we have been cut off from the violence of poverty and the violence of oppression.

This paradigm of separation from the suffering of others will soon be changing. The prophecies in the early 2000's spoke of this phenomenon, and now, in 2017 we are merging and emerging into a greater knowing of the suffering of 'others'.

This is a time of connecting with each other, to the best of our abilities. This is a time for greater awareness of the suffering of others, as we go about our day, as we greet the morning, and give thanks for the day - we can remember those who are suffering in our heart's and prayer's.

with love,

Update: September 19, 2017. As I write, many islands in the Caribbean, with the peoples and animals bereft of comfort and safety, are being hit yet again with another, at this time, Category 5 hurricane. All blessings and prayers for the suffering. All blessings and prayers.

Author:  Johanna [ Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  In The Sacred Moment: Events Speeding Up

As events continue to speed up, seemingly coming closer together, so too will the intensity.

Continue to be prayerful, trustful, and seek to hold joy in your heart whenever possible without being shallow.

This is one way to move through the expansion of Light and the releasing of energetic density.

The One from which we all came forth from, and return to, loves us so perfectly, that we were made to not only endure (with trust) through this process of planetary and individual purification, but to grow - expand in our heart's, mind's, down to the DNA in our cells.

We are moving forward into passages and experiences of awakening which will seem shocking.

Bear with.
Bear with each other.

with love,

Author:  Johanna [ Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Embodied Social Justice: The Pendulum Swings

To the Lightworkers and Wayshowers - thank you for your enduring and bearing with the sufferings and horrors you are being asked to contain for transformation.

Blessings for your often unseen and holy works.

Blessed art thou who serves all of humanity and the planetary body.

For years, without the general knowledge of the planetary population, there have been souls who have been through their bodies, mind's and heart's, transforming at times, extremely dense energies of darkness, preparing the way embodied, for the advent of cosmic Light which has been growing in strength and anchoring in many of these same light-workers.

Their sacrifices and hardships have provided a path for another group of recently embodied souls who carry within their spiritual DNA, a strong intention of transformation and healing of what some might call the 'sins of the father's' (and mother's).

Whereas during the times of the Native American massacres and land grabs, slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, the internment of the Japanese, the Holocaust, and subtle and often insidious, crimes against the humanity of 'others', in general, many generations were silent as these injustices unfolded, the recently embodied souls I speak of are, by the totality of how I AM made them, not able to stay silent in the face of injustices to the humanity of 'others'.

All Blessings.

with love,

Here is what I say to parents:

Do not invalidate - in your fear and ignorance - the "sight" of your children, for they see the Light and they need you to help them articulate the knowing of their soul.

Be not afraid. Let them show you the way. Do not silence them in your fear.

Author:  Johanna [ Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  The Spirit Of We The People Planetary and National

We The People

We the many, who have been called forth in the spirit of unity to heal the few.

In the depths of one's soul, We The People is most deeply and spiritually felt, more so when We The People join together, united in the desire to help one another, love, mercy, and justice.

Heart's open, and when activated, we see a massive burst of Light in the We The People's actions in response to the suffering of others.

This spirit, anchored in the nation of the United States, has been in many ways, covered over for centuries.

Even as this is true, the children of practically all nations, all tribes, all cultures, all peoples of this planet, are here representing the core seeding of the consciousness of We The People.

A time is to come forth when we shall witness and experience the sacredness of that which was once covered over, and experience the heart opening power of We The People, inspiring the planetary family.

First we must traverse through the dark night.

Here is what I 'see' -


Not in the darkness not coming for it's coming has been foretold to prepare you.

HOPE will be found, be born in the darkness, and the Light will enter the hearts of the willing and give unto them strength, courage, compassion, and most of all…


Author:  Johanna [ Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Prophecy: Light Reveals All Which Is Hidden In Darkness

Peace and War - Voice of The Punisher:

I speak of peace and play with my powers of war.
In the name of infused beliefs of who shall be deemed good and who shall be deemed evil, I shall use my powers to control those whom we have deemed evil.
Speaking of war and strength, with parades of egoistic militaristic might, and funding for wars and displays of might, whilst depleting the coffers for the elderly, poor, disabled, and sickly.
Peace and war.
Actions and deeds propping up the pillars of war and militaristic commands throughout the lands with words of peace and freedoms promised.

* * *


These words speak of the peaceful, respectful, and of unifying principles and yet, for public consumption private words and actions show thy truth.
I the listener am confused in my mind because I do not know what to trust.
My heart witnesses deeds which are not of the heart even as cleverly written speeches confuse my mind.
Energies of abuse promising peace, in the presence of psychological games, cause me to whirl, seeking stability in the presence of that which my heart knows would annihilate that which is good, true, and unifies all in love.

* * *


That which is in the heart and mind, often hidden from the conscious self is projected out unto others behaviors.
Be mindful that there are times in which the projections can hold some truths, often these very same projections are signs of that which is to come for those who believe they are under the wings and protection of the projector. That which is secretly admired is publicly condemned.

* * *

These Words You Speak:

I feel awful listening to to your words.
I feel the lies cover my body like a sheath of film which I long to wash away.
I feel the the vile and sinister as you speak of the vile and sinisterness within others.
My head begins to ache for I feel I am being manipulated yet my inner eye cannot with clarity define how.
I feel sickly in my body, my stomach cannot digest these words I am taking in, which leave me feeling nauseous.

* * *

Focus of Abuse:

As the abuser turns their focus unto others, for a moment those who are not in the eye of the punisher, feel a sickly sense of relief that they can breath easy until the wrath of the abuser focuses their way again.

* * *

What Is This Truth?

I cannot follow these words, I cannot 'feel' or 'perceive' as I listen nor define that which is truthful and that which is false.
I perceive in the words I am listening to as a cover which sounds of logic and purity, and yet, I feel something dark and menacing.

* * *

Speaking of Heaven and Hell:

I have heard you speak of heaven and hell - I have heard you condemn with what I perceive to be a void, and emptiness of soul, a proclamation of those who shall be condemned.
I have heard you speak the name of God and my heart shrinks back for I feel no love, no history, no relationship only a vast emptiness and soul corrupting manipulation of the holy name of the Nameless One.

* * *

See The Unacceptable:

"Let us 'see' the unacceptable in others."
"Let us divert our attention towards those who are much like us, so that we can do unto others that which we condemn others for doing unto their own."

* * *


Hollowness offers space for magical words which are meant to enhance and fill, the hollowness within.
Offering no substance in the presence of words and promises which are in the end never meant to be fulfilled.

* * *

The Word Evil:

The word evil is pronounced in such a way that I feel as if as I listen to the syllables sounding out, the historical lash of religious inquisitions, ringing out in the halls of time.

* * *

Cloak Of A King:

"Here, put on this cloak of wonderfully composed phrases, and you shall be as a king, showing the way to those who have no true vision of how we shall make the world in our image and likeness."

* * *

Revelations of Light:

Be not fooled by words for acts will reveal the truth.
For this is a time of the Light revealing all which is hidden within the darkness.

* * *

Threat Cloaked In Words Of Peace:

"Why See How Grand I Am!"
"Come see my grandness in every missile, every gun, every righteous soldier, every threat, every weapon of war, why every tank - for they are my jewels, my new found riches, giving me that which I have found lacking within, the grandness I long for."

* * *

This God You Speak Of:

"This God you speak of now commands the world through me. My will be done."
"I shall now become the sovereign I have longed to be, for this is what those who love me, long for me to be."
"This God you speak of, my will be done."

* * *

Voice of the Punisher:

"Those who are like me, reject me, for they can see that which I hide behind the veil of my scripted words."
"Wait, for I shall reveal in time, the fullness of that which is hidden for all to see."
"Watch and see, those who reject me shall come forth and embrace me fully."

* * *

Time And The Prophet:

My time is found in waiting, listening.
My time is found outside the bounds of time.
My time is the Time of the One.
When called all waiting for my attention in time dissipates, and my heart is brought forth both in time and space, to a timeless space.

* * *


Revelations come forth unbidden, not to my mind, but through my heart.
My soul speaks.
My mind worries and fret's in the presence of the One who speaks through my soul - through my heart.
"Who am I?"
"Who am I to be called forth as prophet?"

Author:  Johanna [ Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:10 am ]
Post subject:  Prayers for the Suffering: Catastrophic Suffering and Death

Prayers for the suffering_Peoples of the Caribbean_JohannaRaphael_OEA.jpg
Prayers for the suffering_Peoples of the Caribbean_JohannaRaphael_OEA.jpg [ 160.81 KiB | Viewed 228 times ]

Prayers for the suffering in Mexico who have experienced back to back earthquakes causing immense suffering and damage.

Prayers for the suffering in the Caribbean who have experienced immense suffering and damage from back to back hurricanes.

Prayers for the suffering of the Rohinyga Muslims fleeing horrors and death.

with love,

September 25, 2017
About This Angel:

This Angel came to me from an anonymous artist from the 7th Ward of New Orleans.

I came upon this hand painted on granite peaceful and loving angel which was left for me as a gift in the back of my pickup truck when I lived in the 7th Ward after Katrina.

I share this angel with you Dear Readers in this post because this angel conveys to me the beautiful hearts and sacred spirits of the peoples I have met. and come to love, from the Caribbean, many who have roots in New Orleans.

This angel is so precious to my heart, and so are my prayers for all whom I have mentioned in this post, and those who I have not mentioned.

Author:  Johanna [ Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:22 pm ]
Post subject:  The Earth Purifies: Earth Changes, and Extreme Weather

The truth of love candle_Holding Light In Darkness_Julie of Light Omega.jpg
The truth of love candle_Holding Light In Darkness_Julie of Light Omega.jpg [ 27.29 KiB | Viewed 228 times ]

"Human participation in the purification of the earth can be made gentler by an increased awareness of what is happening, by our loving care for the earth and her creatures, by amplifying and expressing more of the attitudes of peace, harmony, and cooperation that the earth is trying to achieve, and by holding God's love around all situations in which suffering occurs.   By moving consciousness in this direction, we transmute the negative energies that are needing to be released, and in this way make their passage softer, smoother, and easier for all concerned.

On the other side of purification is a new way of life for the earth and her people.  This is a vision that we can hold in our hearts along with the prayer that all beings be blessed and held in love during this time of transition.

It may be difficult for us to imagine how the earth which appears to us to be a solid mass of complexly interrelated parts, can have an intentionality to purify and can be undergoing a process we normally associate with human beings on a spiritual path. And even if it is true of the planetary body, we may well wonder how this happens and how it can affect weather patterns.

The 'Great Purification' of the earth has been spoken of by the Hopi and by other indigenous peoples as the prelude to a great transition of life and consciousness which the planet shall go through. This transition has also been prophesied within other ancient traditions as well as by individual seers.

The purification to which those ancient ones refer is happening all around us. It is revealed in the altered weather patterns that are becoming commonplace around the globe. Today, in the mid-West of the United States where massive flooding is taking place, and not too long ago in the West where fires raged out of control, or in the South where hurricanes took their toll, weather patterns have become extreme, and people everywhere are saying: "I've never seen anything like this before."

Purification of the earth takes place through a shift in the energy configuration that regulates the relationship of impulses within the 'nerve center' of the planetary body as they are transmitted throughout the biophysical system. It is much the same as if our own cortical functioning were being influenced by changes on the neural level so that the system itself became overloaded and had to discharge what was passing through it. Sometimes, such 'overload' is displayed in obvious symptoms we might associate with brain function such as speech impairment, deficits in eye-hand coordination, poorer vision, or losses to the ability to think clearly. But sometimes an overload of energy within the brain affects the functions that the brain regulates which are spread throughout the body. In such cases, we experience anomalies and unexplainable physical symptoms that appear for no apparent reason, that may give us cause for concern but are really being produced by energy releasing through a particular focal point or 'node'.

It is the same way with the earth. The significant 'eruptions' that take place on the level of tornados, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and volcanoes, can all be viewed as separate occurrences, or they can be seen as part of a purification process that is releasing bound energy from the greater whole. The purpose of such releasing is not to do damage to the people who are in the geographical areas in which such 'releasing' is taking place, but rather to free the earth from burdens she has been carrying so that she can heal and move into a higher level of consciousness and being as a sacred planet.

An underlying premise of this point of view is that the earth is a being that has consciousness and that evolves as human beings do, though on a much more complex and vaster scale - one that is also more connected to the cellular awareness of her physical parts than human consciousness is. As an evolving being, the earth's purification is being activated by incoming energies of spiritual light that are presently affecting the planetary body, as well as all of the inhabitants of the earth.

Weather patterns that run amok cause a great deal of distress for people in the areas in which they occur. They create both loss of life and loss of property, and in many cases interrupt the ordinary flow of life for years to come. It is not an easy prospect for those involved to go through, nor is it easy to contemplate more of the same happening in the future. Even now, as the flooding along the northern part of the Mississippi River crests and begins to move south, those in low-lying areas in the south are awaiting their turn to deal with the severe dislocation that has been produced by the current overflow.

Such anticipation is not an easy prospect to contemplate for anyone, anywhere, but for the earth it is a necessary one. For if the earth is to gain the capacity to hold herself and the inhabitants of the planet within a new consciousness - a consciousness that will be about peace, cooperation, and harmony, and that will provide an end to many of the entrenched conflicts that have existed on a global level today - the purification of the earth must take place.

Extreme weather patterns which release physical and electrical energies housed in the earth's body and atmosphere are one example of how this happens. There are other examples that are more related to non-physical energies.

Non-physical energies, if we were speaking of human functioning, would correspond to emotions and thoughts that are held as energy within the human body. Because such emotions are part of human consciousness, they are also part of the earth's consciousness because she contains within herself all that lives, thinks, and feels upon the earth. When these human emotions begin to release from the planetary body where they have accumulated over centuries and millennia, human beings start to feel what is being let go of as if the feelings were presently their own, rather than energies of the earth passing through them. In some cases these emotions are just felt, but in many cases things like anger, despair, fear, or rage may be acted out, with sad consequences on a human level.

Human participation in the purification of the earth can be made gentler by an increased awareness of what is happening, by our loving care for the earth and her creatures, by amplifying and expressing more of the attitudes of peace, harmony, and cooperation that the earth is trying to achieve, and by holding God's love around all situations in which suffering occurs. By moving consciousness in this direction, we transform the negative energies that are needing to be released, and in this way make their passage softer, smoother, and easier for all concerned.

On the other side of purification is a new way of life for the earth and her people. This is a vision that we can hold in our hearts along with the prayer that all beings be blessed and held in love during this time of transition.

Earth Changes, Flooding, and Extreme Weather Patterns

Julie of Light Omega

Author:  Johanna [ Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Connecting With Those Who Are Suffering

Emanations of Healing Light_Day 28_Julie of LightOmega.jpg
Emanations of Healing Light_Day 28_Julie of LightOmega.jpg [ 78.69 KiB | Viewed 227 times ]


Connecting With Those Who Are Suffering

There is another thing we can 'do' for those who are suffering, which may seem to some as 'magical', as 'grace' to others, and of comfort to the receivers... we can pray.

Prayer need not, although for some it can, be connected to religious ideologies.

Prayer can be aligned with a caring heart, empathy and imagination, and love from the heart. Prayer can be an energetic aid sent to an area or areas where great suffering exists.

A candle can be lit as a representation of the presence of Light. Often the lighting of the candle will also help the mind to remember each time you pass the candle, that your heart continues to be in a state of active prayerfulness.

Don't worry about the words, let the prayer be from your heart, try to get your mind out of the way, and let the prayer come from deep within. The prayer is there, and what makes your prayer unique is that it comes from your heart, bearing your energies, bearing your love.

Let us not forget when the news moves on to new news stories, that those are suffering, especially from ecological devastation, will continue to bear incredible burdens and pain, sometimes taking years to recover from.

with love,

Author:  Johanna [ Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Negative Emotional Energies Releasing

"...darkness is often attracted to light as a combatant is attracted to that which it perceives as opposing it. In this way, energies of darkness are often electromagnetically drawn toward the light in order to diminish or extinguish it, not to befriend it."

Julie of Light Omega ... kness.html

A Massive Amount of Negative Electrical (Emotional) Energies Released.

In the midst of immense recent and ongoing trauma and suffering, a massive amount of negative emotional energies were released last night, and re-enforced today.

Be mindful of these separated energies of manipulation, division, diversion, and attack being released.

Bear with and support each other's light.

with love,

"The energy of darkness creates a sense of isolation within individuals, between people, and among nations.  It fuels the negative emotional states that interfere with peace, and leads humanity toward despair, hopelessness, and fear."

I. Energy
Julie of Light Omega ... Part1.html

Author:  Johanna [ Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:47 am ]
Post subject:  Prophecy for the Nation of the Free - What Have We Wrought?

Nation of the Free - Awaken!

In your slumber you have become known as a people who want and do, kill millions of innocent people to keep 'secure'.

What new horror shall be committed in our names?

* * *

What Have We Wrought?

I hear a nobel peace laureate exclaim 'fake news' in response to the peoples actions of tyranny and horror.

I hear a president insulting and threatening nations, groups of peoples, cultures, religions, women, families, and individuals.

I hear the chants of outrage for the 'others' seeking refuge, fleeing lands we destroy.

I hear a new hard-liner nationalist leader drunk with power from an unexpected win.

I hear the cries and the screams of the poor, raped, desecrated, ruined, bullet ridden, murdered, starving, oppressed and repressed of all nations, all creeds, all tribes, all families, in my heart.

* * *

I see the rise of the fist of the punisher(s), I see the indignantly righteous clasp their hands in glee.

I see a planetary We The People leading the way forward through acts of love, truth, solidarity, and integrity.

Bear with planetary family. Bear with.

* * *

Only when we redeem our own house will we be able to look out again as a nation at all nations and feel the peace of knowing no one is dying nor suffering in our names.

Prophecies are held here:

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