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The Sacred Consciousness of Food
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Author:  Meg [ Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Sacred Consciousness of Food

Dearest Friends,
My heart is moved to share the "Sacred Earth Prayer" by Julie. It calls me to remember that I, we, have been created in holiness as sacred vessels for the ONE, who is known by many names. We are being called to awaken further, moving us ever closer to the living experience of Oneness. All love, deepest blessings and gratitude to the eternally loving, compassionate Holy Being whose body is the Earth. May we, as her cells, move into greater consciousness so we may live with reverence and love, giving back what is needed. Amen.


* * *


Into this sacred temple of my body
I place only that which belongs to it,
that flows naturally with the life of
the Earth that is the life of the One.
Into this sacred temple of the Earth's body,
I place only that which belongs to it,
that does not detract from its holy
purpose, but adds to the goodness and ease
with which it provides for all beings.
Upon this sacred temple of my body
I clothe myself in the gifts of the Earth,
freely given, abundant, and pure,
discarding that which would harm the
beloved home of my heart, or deplete
it of its gifts.
May I give to the beloved all that is needed
to sustain, to replenish, to restore
what has been so lovingly given,
and may I rejoice in the Unity of life
that I am part of and that is part of me.
Mitakuye Oyasin. We are One.

Julie of Light Omega

* * *

Sacred Earth Prayer from "Poems for the New Earth - Book 2." (Unpublished)
The first book of "Poems for the New Earth" is available through the:
Light Omega Bookshop:

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