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 Post subject: Re: Learning Through Emotions
PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:59 pm 
Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah to you too Dear Vijaya

Meg, here is the first half from a recorded session of Divine Blessing today. It is spoken to a lady who was physically assaulted by a gang who left her for dead. Her jaw was shattered under repeated blows to her head:

You may open your eyes, and be welcome in this place of peace and joy.

You have said before, that when you go past here, you feel like you must come here. You must come here. Can you explain and describe what that feeling is, how it manifests in consciousness and awareness. What is it that is calling you here. What do you feel you have to come here for?

Mmmmm I don't know. It's just that you drive past and you see your sign and it just somehow, the God's Eye calls you. And it's just,..... I see that.... and.... I see that and I just think, there is more. There is more, somehow. There is more. That's it. It's just when I drive past, I think, yup, there is more to it. So that's the thing.

So something is telling there's more and you want more?

Sigh. I just want peace and maybe there's peace in more. I don't want,.... but um,... I just like need some peace right now, in my whole situation.

Have you ever found peace in more?

..............I don't know. I think if I say more, I mean more calm. More, not more in material stuff. Not more in money. More in peace and inner calm and just finding my self. So yes, I have had more than I've got right now. I really need to get back to that, THAT calm space .

Have you ever experienced that calm space?

I did when I was attacked and woke up from my attackers. I just had the Holy Spirit with me. That was an unexplainable calm. That was an unexplainable calm, that was a clam that, was THAT Universal calm. An absolute, I am fine. I've survived this. I'm alive and have forgiven immediately. A lot of people would have battled with that you know, but I didn't. I found that incredible Peace. Just when the Holy Spirit was with me, I was just,.... I just said it out loud and I just said, "I just forgive!"... and with THAT, just THAT breath of THAT forgive, came incredible Peace. And now I just....sigh....

What is attacking you now?

I think Ummmm....a feeling of all of the worthlessness because I am not bringing in enough money to sustain myself which is causing me eternal battle with money which is the same with many, but yah,(South African expression for yes) I think that, and also fear for what happened with my child. So I think the matter of battling to sustain my self and knowing that you've got this child and its been going for six, seven years, that she's not been well. And now, knowing the answer, but a fear of what the answer might bring. It is quite scary if the injections don't work,.... the surgery... and very tricky surgery, that can create further problems.( Ref: Brain surgery) So yah, I think it is in any mother to worry about something like that.

The mind will always justify attack.

It is Grace that gave you the comfort of forgiveness.

Your justification in the mind is what brings you the feelings of distress.

Yes. I can understand that because I am trying to justify it in my head without,... yah....that's very true.

The intensity of that justification, becoming tighter and tighter, in its fist of energy, manifests in the back pain and hip pain which brings to view, your reluctance to move forward as in your hip locomotion and the weight upon your back, manifesting now as pain in reluctance to carry more or the perceived idea that you are not coping, which you have said is financial, and is producing in you a sense of unworthiness.

Yah, yes. You are so right.

The mind is the entire author and editor and promotions director of those thoughts. You are the Being that experienced, after your attack, the Grace of Forgiveness and Pardon and Peace that goes beyond words, and is recalled to your perception, as something intimately beautiful, and intimately gracious, and of no judgement of your worthiness, to appear to your consciousness, when you woke up in hospital, after your attack.

Worthiness is an idea of mind.

When you purchase that thought to your identity as a mortal human, with limits and history, and issues and criteria of experience, as in the state you are experiencing in your life at present, when your Being purchases the idea of unworthiness, you extend and you give welcome to your mind, pursuing ideas of unworthiness, and inability to sustain or heal, or provide, or be of any virtue, or value.

Your true life, in you, is a life that is not contained in your limitations, as a flesh body.

That Being that you have experienced after your attack, is truly who you are.

The call of the Being to you, as you drive past and see the sign, the Eye of God, calling you, is that call that you have heard. That call to you, re-minds you. When the word used,.... re-mind,... this word is given to you much as Jesus spoke through the Apostle Paul, Put on the Mind of Christ, you are a new person. Put off the old being. Put on the new person. In the blink of an eye, you shall put off mortality, and ascend to immortality.

The ascension of immortality began in you with your experience of Divine Grace, that flooded your Being and took you to a manifested forgiveness, that healed you of effects that were beyond the ability of any Doctor on the planet to heal, or to mend.

Your healing comes from the Divine Grace, that calls you again, to re-mind you, that you are being carried by Divine Grace, and Divine Grace, doesn't feel any weight, or burden, of any thing that you are seeing, that is presented by the rouge mind appearing in front of you to frighten you, to hurt you and to bring you into possession of fear.

The possession of fear, is dispelled by the Grace of the Spirit, that has already touched you. You are re-minded of this.

It's amazing....tears....It's so simple.

It is the mind that complicates. There's a lovely word, enturbulate ( root word, turbulence )which means, if you can imagine a washing machine, a turbo washing machine turning everything around and around. The mind does that, but it doesn't wash. It's job is to do that, because the Grace of the Holiness of Spirit, that dwells, and has touched you, is your home and your rightful place.

Unreal.... a lighter and serenely smiling look on her face appears, like a golden aura.

There you go. So thank you that the Spirit gives word again to you, as representative of many, many people, struggling and being possessed by the fictions of the mind presenting the images of illusion.

One gets so caught in it. In a sense you know it. You do know it. You kind of know that it's not so bad. But your mind plays tricks and makes it that bad so you believe it. You just automatically go with what you're thinking and go with what falls in your head immediately. You don't analyse it, you don't look at it, and you don't say, well does that actually work?

Or is it true.

Or is it true.... There you go! Is it true? (Excitement joyfully bubbles up into the atmosphere of her being.)

The mind is the instrument of Consciousness doing a fabulous job of strengthening and provoking awareness to rise above the pain and grief and sorrow and despair, into the Pavilion of Light that has felt forgiveness and liberty. And coming into the re-play of the mind's theatre, to enter again, as the audience and say, this is just a movie. It is not real. a lot. I feel so light.


The feeling of lightness, is to your mind, and your mind is feeling that lightness. It's job description is to throw the lightness off and switch on the dark. The mind will never tell you the secret that it too yearns for the light, departure from its job description to enslave and torment and persecute. It too, actually wants that light and until you can turn that Light and keep that Light on through whatever things the mind throws at you, you will not be fully transformed to the beauty of the Grace of the Spirit, that actually matches who you really are............

It is a lot to take in.

That is why it is recorded, and perhaps, if Grace wills, it will be transcribed and written for you to look at again. It is not a lot to take in, because the mind is not being addressed here. We are doing a mind by-pass. It is not for the mind to understand, digest or know, because it is the Being that knows, understands, and perceives, and feels the lightness, in the dark room, where the mind was busy distressing and tormenting the experience of your body and identity.

Wow. Wow.

So we can close now and thank you that you are an emissary for many that feel the trauma and illusion of a mind, seeming to have achieved total captivity and dominion, yet it is only an appearance. Every soul that will ever read this transcript or perhaps hear this audio, will identify, that somewhere they have felt what you have described that is beyond words.

Not before the attack, during the attack but after. Jesus knew about this as well. It is written, for the Glory set before Him, He was able to lay down His identity and take it up as the Resurrection of the Life to come, and it is here. It has come for you. It is the Holy Spirit come to you and for you away from the illusions of the minds job description to hold you captive. You actually are free.

You said your back and hip were sore when you sat down. How do your back and hip feel now?

My back...laughter...really not bad.


...this is like, is such a free flow of energy....I can just

Good. Very, very good. That is your real home.

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 Post subject: Re: Learning Through Emotions
PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:04 pm 
Thank you, Arcturus. The Divine Creator’s goodness is never-ending. I continually marvel at how what is needed for each being is presented in perfect timing & in the most perfect way that speaks to their Soul for healing & growth. And it is in this way, we can take part in revealing this truth by acting as the little pebble that was thrown in the lake. Upon landing in the water, it generates ripples upon ripples that reach the far ends of the shore..each a perfect echo of the original. So it is when we live our truth.

It wasn’t that long ago, that I read the following that spoke to me, from Julie’s “Embracing the Divine”.

“And yet for as long as karmic healing is needed to erase the separation that has taken place between our embodied consciousness and Divine truth, karmic healing will often work through painful circumstance in order to create new learning. We might wish it were otherwise from the standpoint of the human. But it is often the more difficult situations in life that create an alteration in our consciousness, in our capacity to love, in our capacity to forgive, in our capacity to trust and in our understanding of what it means to be human.

......In seeking greater acceptance of life in all its permutations, we must inevitably move to the level of the soul.

For the level of our ego-self will always seek as a primary goal to reduce pain and to increase pleasure. From the level of the soul, however, we can find within ourselves the desire to surrender to what is the greatest good for ourselves, whether it is painful or not. In this surrender is trust in Divine wisdom and love which governs the outpicturing of life-events. Such trust creates acceptance, even when we would wish painful or limiting events to disappear.”

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 Post subject: Re: Learning Through Emotions
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:20 am 
~ Christian, As you sew, so you reap

~ Eastern, Karma

~ Scientific, cause and effect,

Are dis-armed in the embrace of mercy and balm of compassion.

Thank you Meg, for sharing your guidance, alight in the quotations written from the outpouring of Peace, that issues forth from the beautiful heart and mind of Julie

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 Post subject: Re: Learning Through Emotions
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:02 am 
Thanks for your beautiful reply. I'm sorry things are so difficult. I hope that you can continue to hold them with God. I know for me, Julie's teachings have helped me to hold those dark times, those dark images and that they can be transformed. I agree with Vijaya and Meg that looking at Julie's videos or hearing the music can help in that moment of pain. I hope you keep writing! Diana

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 Post subject: Re: Learning Through Emotions
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:23 pm 
Thank you Diana.

There is Love, and Love shall have Love's way.

Shalom, Dear Sister. If writing be discontinued, then it shall be perfect. Fear not.

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 Post subject: Re: Learning Through Emotions
PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:04 pm 
Post subject: Re: Learning Through Emotions
Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:24 pm

I was grateful, for the fullness of what words can not give or portray. I felt the energy of the comfort and the strength of the very small voice that came in whispery thought form in reply to my loud, vocal conversation leaving the sense and the gentleness of reply.

Dear Arcturus

Those words reminded me of when I was inspired to write a poem for someone who had been bereaved. As soon as it had been written I somehow jumped from my heart centre into my head and thought ‘That came in quickly maybe I can pen another’

Immediately, I felt encompassed in love and was told in quiet thought form that to have written another at this time would have taken away its significance and purpose. I was suddenly overcome with guilt and decided never to question again, but stay firmly connected to my heart centre.

At the time those words had no meaning, but over the years that poem has been very special, as it has comforted many.

Blessings Jeannie

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 Post subject: Re: Learning Through Emotions
PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:02 am 
Hello, dear Friends, it has been a while since we shared here. Julie's teaching are a balm to my heart and it gives me great joy to share with you. May the Light of the One heart bring us into greater awareness and heal all that is not love; may we share this blessing with others. With love and blessings, Meg

* * *

What is released into the light becomes
freed forever.
What one holds onto out of fear becomes the chain
that binds.

Day 35, Calendar of Healing, Emotions

* * *

Day 35- Calendar of Healing- Emotions- Healed into the Light- photo credit-unknown.jpg
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 Post subject: Re: Learning Through Emotions
PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:31 am 

by Julie of Light Omega

“People choose anger because anger feels like it empowers the self. It reduces the feeling of helplessness and conveys both the desire and often the capacity to 'do something' about whatever is troubling. Often, however, the success of such a strategy is an illusion,
since anger generally begets negative consequences either from the environment or from within oneself.”

Continue reading:

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