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 Post subject: Searching for Liberty
PostPosted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:12 pm 
A lot can be said about the written/spoken word and its effects when projected out into the world. The media have a lot to answer for at this time, as they are promoting the negative actions/reactions that are being played out on the world stage. There is no heartfelt consideration for the pessimistic weight their words carry - only financial gain.

Those who are fighting for their freedom are doing so out of fear, as they project their own emotional pain onto others. Conflict is the only way that these unenlightened souls know how to act in these circumstances.

Until such times that the Governments (minority) listen to its people (majority) and the world media can report with empathy and compassion- not from judgement and detachment, will it draw its readers/listeners to open their hearts to the plight of others.

We must remember though, that there is a positive side to all that is happening in our world. The Universe is trying its best to bring us to an equitable balance, and connection to goodness (God), as consciousness continues to be raised.

The Universe continues to uphold its support and guidance with every step we take on our spiritual journey, as long as our intent is to try and stay in the present, and align with our soul, as we walk the path of righteousness to liberty.


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