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"Our Relationship to Pain"
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Author:  Meg [ Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: "Our Relationship to Pain"

Come, My beloved one, come to My heart
and be at peace.
For I have carried you through time and shall
continue to carry you until you reach
the destination that is your true home,
the home of your being,
the home of your heart.

All is well. No matter what difficulties you face,
all is well.

Day 22, "Book of Unity - Voice of the Oneness"

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Author:  Meg [ Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: "Our Relationship to Pain"

What has overwhelm on one side
can have joy on the other,
for the soul desires to be free
and to live in wholeness,
but the burdens must be felt
in order to be laid down
at the feet of the Divine.
It is often in pursuit of the sacred
that the burdens must be carried
Then, they can be placed
at the feet of the One
who turns all burdens into light,
and makes of all challenges a
sacred offering.

– Julie of Light Omega –

* * *

"Sacred Burdens" by Julie of Light Omega from Poems for the New Earth


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Author:  Meg [ Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "Our Relationship to Pain"

“There is a kind of doubt that is healthy and useful and there is also a kind of doubt influenced by energies of opposition. The former takes place, for example, within scientific inquiry, where doubt has a position of importance, leading to hypotheses that may be accepted or rejected. The process of inquiry requires doubt as an inherent part of what moves it forward. Doubt influenced by negative energies is very different. It creates a drama within the mind which can be one of great turbulence. Its landscape holds the many thoughts that present beliefs of different kinds or alternative points of view to one’s awareness. Doubt of this kind, when mild, can generally be tolerated, especially when the stakes for not-knowing are not very high. However, when doubt concerns actions whose consequences lead to major decisions in life, or when it concerns one’s most fundamentally held beliefs or values - the rock-bottom foundation upon which a life may be built - then, the presence of doubt can be felt as a torment. Indeed, energies opposed to light can create mental torment of this kind and it becomes crucial, therefore, to know how to exit from the drama of doubt and to seek the peace and inner knowing of the heart and the heart’s most fundamental truths.

In most instances in which doubt influenced by negative energies appears, there is also an accompanying anxiety, agitation, or obsessive thinking. When such is the case, it is necessary to leave the battleground of mental preoccupation and affirm to oneself that it is not necessary to answer the question that seems in need of an answer at the mental level, the level of the mind. Removing oneself from the scene of chaos and confusion to the quieter place of the heart more than anything else alleviates torment. It allows the light of God and one’s own higher being to enter the situation and to influence the inner predicament of confusion and agitation.

Often, this is not an easy task, however, because the mind, influenced by other energies, can insist that an answer on the mental level must be found. What is true or what is real must be known to the mind. Nevertheless, this assertion is not necessarily true. Often, one does not need to know. One can choose trust over knowing and the heart over the mind, allowing a period of not knowing to take place in which God’s light will unfold and reveal the truth in a different way and in a different time.”…

Continue reading, “DEALING WITH DOUBT” by Julie of Light Omega:


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Author:  Meg [ Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "Our Relationship to Pain"

Waiting, while knowing what one is waiting for,
is an act of patience.
Waiting, without knowing what one is waiting for,
is an act of trust.
It is this second kind of waiting that deepens faith and
opens the heart to the Divine.

Day 51, Reflections of Light, The Journey Home

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Author:  Meg [ Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "Our Relationship to Pain"

What holds you back is not a punishment,
but a way of setting free some other part
of yourself.

Though physical eyes may not see this,
an open heart will feel the gift that may exist,
even in the presence of pain.

Day 99, Calendar of Healing, The Nature of Healing


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Author:  Meg [ Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "Our Relationship to Pain"

“When there appears to be no way out of a situation,
it may be that the way out is through it.
Trust that the way will be found.”

Seeds of Light

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Author:  Meg [ Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: "Our Relationship to Pain"

“Great suffering that seems to human consciousness to be unendurable has thus befallen many souls on Earth, some having chosen to go through the experience primarily for their own learning, including karmic learning based on the need for self-healing, and some choosing to go through the experience out of great love for the Earth and for her children.

Once embodied, it becomes the nature of life to draw a 'veil of forgetfulness' over the soul's choice so that the embodied soul will emotionally, energetically, mentally, and physically go through whatever experience it has chosen without knowing why it is going through it. Being in the experience is an essential part of the learning. Nevertheless, even without knowing why, the love that has generated the choice for hardship or pain in the first place is capable of sustaining the embodied soul from within, even while the outer self may be crying out for the pain to stop. This split between the natural human cry for pain to stop and the love of the soul that trusts the experience and endures through it, is one of the essential paradoxes that has mystified mankind. It is only when we recognize that our human experience is happening by our own choice and that its purpose is good that we can understand how to hold suffering and how to help others hold it. The split within ourselves allows us to simultaneously pray for others and to have deep compassion for what others are going through. We pray for their healing and for their pain to stop, while at the same time holding in trust the reason that they are going through this pain. This is the paradox, and it is a Divine paradox based on the history of our soul and the need to learn from embodied experience what it cannot learn in any other way.

We who live on the Earth wish to live in a world without pain and in a body without pain, and it has been hard for us as a collective humanity to reconcile an understanding of Divine goodness with the amount of suffering taking place in the world. Yet, beneath what our eyes can see and what our minds can know is the understanding of our deeper selves that tells us that there is meaning to suffering that is unknowable in a more conscious way, and that we can pray for all who are enduring any kind of great hardship that they be helped through it, and that extreme pain no longer need be the primary avenue of learning.”

This is an excerpt from “SUFFERING AND LOVE: THE SOUL'S CHOICE", by Julie of Light Omega.
Continue reading:


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Author:  Meg [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "Our Relationship to Pain"

Message to the Beloveds

‘The Unknown’

“There arrives in each person’s life an event, circumstance, or situation that is unexpected and without precedent. In that moment of its arrival and in the moments that follow, and especially if the event carries hardship with it of some kind, one decides whether to hold that event in the arms of the Divine, letting oneself live for a while without any frame of reference or knowledge of what to do, and instead of seeking to know more through the mind, one seeks to abandon knowing in favor of trust and trusting.

This ‘floating in the sea of the unknown’ is often difficult at first, for the mind makes its own claims to knowledge. Nevertheless, if one persists in embracing the unknown, even if fear is also present, a door opens in the heart that is an entry point for the Divine to enter. The Divine enters, welcomed by this act of surrender, and takes up residence in one’s heart of hearts.

This opening and this choice is available to every person in their life, for each one will meet the unknown in their own way and time. When this moment comes, no matter what its difficulty, pray for the strength to embrace the unknown without reservation. For this, beloved ones, is a great act of love that each human being may offer to the Divine.

With deepest blessings and love,


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Author:  Meg [ Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "Our Relationship to Pain"

Beloved Ones, the subject of pain, whether physical, mental, or emotional, can never be merely academic, because there is human suffering involved and a great desire on the part of each human being to be free of it.

And yet there are ways in which one can participate more fully in one’s own healing process, allowing the divine Self to participate as well, and ways in which one can make it more difficult. Similarly, there are avenues of understanding that open pathways of light for purposes of healing, and attitudes and perceptions that close these down. The Calendar of Healing makes available pathways of light and truth that can be called upon again and again to aid in the healing process and the movement toward further growth.

The Calendar contains one hundred meditative reflections, one for each day. For greatest benefit, it is best to sit with these quietly each day for a few minutes to allow their meaning to seep into consciousness and to absorb the light that they carry most fully.

In order to support the Calendar, a number of recorded meditations have also been included. The most central of these is the Practice of Alignment which may be practiced daily for five or ten minutes for maximum effect. Other meditative exercises include:

The Practice of Peace
Strengthening Light at the Center
Healing the Body with Light

Beloved Ones, your body, mind, and heart are all united within one sacred being that is YOU.
Housed in the physical dimension, your essential being is that of a soul with a Divinely created core.
Remember this, and remember that no matter what challenges you face in life, you are greatly loved.

Julie of Light Omega

December, 2012

* * *

Calendar of Healing

CALENDAR OF HEALING - Julie of Light Omega -
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