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 Post subject: Sharing my own path
PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 9:14 am 
This that i am sharing is for my Beloved brothers and sisters travelling towards the path which ultimately is their own Self.

Whatever comes your way this day, remember you are not the little mind, so do not listen, turn your attention away, the way to do this easily is to turn immediately toward God, at first it seems that it is within, but slowly it becomes directionless, as there is nowhere that God is not.

If beauty appears to you, it is God appearing to you, if it is what the little mind would judge ugly, acknowledge that whatever the mind sees/project is in fact the Presence of God and in this realisation you just rest in Him, let Him soothe you and love you, He will guide you deeper into your own mystery which is Himself.

Above all, trust that right now, right here, you are a child of the Beloved, you have always been and always will be. The mind which is an instrument of creating duality has done its job, now you are ready to grow up, we are ready to go beyond and be consciously aware of our oneness with the Whole, God.

God, your Beloved has timelessly been right here waiting for evolution to bring us to this point where we can recognize Him, this is our True calling as a Soul, we have, through aeons, evolved to this miraculous moment, where we are finally ready to realize that although the seeming separation is perfect as it is, we now need to come to experience the timeless unity which is Now. It is Divine Dual-Non-duality.

Also, at the beginning that which has helped me a lot, was to realize that this world is ultimately just a dream, it exists, but it is not real, we have let the mind create for us this world, but when you know at every moment that right here where the world created by the mind in ignorance of its Source, is God, for there cannot be God and the world, God is the world, it is a paradox to the mind, but not to the Soul, She knows and when this knowing becomes conscious, the mind surrenders more and more to the point where we become so transparent that the Light of God shines through unimpeded and right before our eyes the Vision of God within Himself and through Himself appears as the world, at that moment all that is left is unending gratitude and Love pouring from deep within you.

Then begins the True infinite journey of the Soul within the Great Mystery which is God, our Creator.

By the way although i am sharing this with you guys, i have the feeling that these are not even my own words, they describe my own experience but he words are really His, speaking to whoever happens to be reading, it is all His doing.

This has been a long post, i hope you do not mind, i am thankful to Julie for giving us this opportunity to share our experiences, as it can be an "Alone" road for us, not many people understand what we have to share, anyway that is how it has been for me.

I love you all, although i do not know any of you, i love you simply because i know what we have been through and what we are still going through, the difficulties we've all had to face.


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 Post subject: Re: Sharing my own path
PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 8:04 pm 
Dear Karima,
When God’s voice is allowed to speak through us, it is a nourishing experience for the messenger and her recipients. When you have a message such as this, your post can never be too long. I thank you for sharing this from your heart for myself and all those that will read it. ~ Blessings to you, Meg

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