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PRAYER FOR THE HEADS OF GOVERNMENTS - A part of One World Meditations

Dear Beloved Ones,

We are in a time in which participation with the larger picture of what is taking place on the planet is becoming more imperative. Even though your personal life may be full of challenges, you are part of a greater whole and this whole is going through a stage of transformation now that, though largely invisible, is nevertheless influencing the future of what is to come. Please consider offering this prayer or a shorter version of it in the next and future One World Meditations. Julie

Your saying it out loud, if you feel comfortable doing so, will add energy to it in addition to what is present in the content.



We come before you who govern the nations of the world, to ask that you who wield great power consider the source of this power, and that as part of the wisdom that dwells within each human breast, you honor and recognize the Source that has placed you where you are for the benefit of all.

Too many times throughout history have those who stood at the helm of the public domain taken power for themselves and not for those whom they represented. Indeed, many have forgotten altogether that they existed on behalf of the people, and that the people did not exist on their behalf.

We pray that those who are given the privilege and responsibility of leadership, may find within themselves the humility and goodness to continually attune both to the will of those they represent, and to God's Will which flows through them as it flows through each heart that beats within a human body.

May this innate goodness and humility characterize the leadership of all who seek office and of all who come into office, and may the willingness to abandon self-interest in service to the well-being of the whole, define the essential character and quality of those who come to represent the rest.

We pray on behalf of all humanity that the rulership of the few for the benefit of the few no longer plague the Earth, and that the leadership of the many BY the many be established as the signpost of the new time to come.

Blessed are those whose hearts have opened to the truth of the source of their power, who understand its Divine origin, and who vow to never take it lightly or betray it carelessly.

Blessings and Amen.

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