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 Post subject: Witnessing Energies
PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 7:09 pm 
I would like to share what happened with me and my two friends, when we experienced different versions of the same phenomenon! Recently I met up with two like minded friends when Chrissie and I went to stay with Maggie at her cottage in the country, situated close to a river. The property also sits on ley lines.

Maggie asked if I would enter her accounts onto a spreadsheet and show her how to calculate the formulae. So I sat at the kitchen table and started putting the figures on to her laptop. A few minutes later Maggie and Chrissie came in the kitchen to do the dishes, when suddenly I saw a rectangular shape of pure white energy fly across the room in front of me. For a moment I thought Maggie had thrown something, but she had her back to me. When I told her what I saw she joked and said “I expect someone is here with us”. Later Chrissie came and sat opposite me at the table, and this is what we each observed and experienced.

Maggie turned and saw a bright white light above my head, and purple on the back of Chrissies hair. At the same time I saw a solid mass of pure white energy about a metre wide, which flew directly from above my head across the kitchen. Looking across the table I saw Chrissie was staring, unable to speak.

She became aware of a little girl standing by her side, and was told to get paper and pen, which was on the table. These were the words she was impressed to write, “Help me! I cannot speak” (the little girl was dumb). She had apparently fallen into the river and tried to shout for help, but couldn’t make anyone hear her, so drowned. She said “Please help me”. She was standing on Chrissies left hand side, but wasn’t alone as there were other children with her, all standing in a line- about eight of them. Chrissie said she saw a bright light come down and went towards it with the children. Then she saw wings and an angel appeared, coming to take them from her. Just before they went she was told by the little girl to “Thank the lady on the box” (obviously me on the lap top for witnessing the event).

Later discussing what we had observed Chrissie said she had never experienced the inability to speak when doing previous soul rescue work. Also, even though I have seen white and blue orbs was amazed and privileged to see two large solid masses of energy flying across the room, although obviously they were to attract my attention.

The next day I realised that the previous nights phenomenon was not compatible with computers as the figures I so patiently entered on to the spreadsheet were all wrong!

For I have always inhabited the physical world with my Presence, and behind every physical phenomenon has been a spiritual current which gave it meaning and made sense of its occurrence. Julie


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