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 Post subject: ‘I Love You’
PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:44 pm 
With the last of the four blood moons (eclipses) the earth has finally transitioned into fifth dimensional consciousness, along with the first waivers (those light body workers, who are paving the way for others to follow). So, not only are we pupils on our journey of enlightenment, but also teachers.

There are always opposing energies, and with the influx of light infusing the earth; darker energies are now intensifying the atrocities, anger and mayhem that are being acted out on the world stage. So in this moment, it is more important than ever for those who are following the light, to align and anchor in the heart centre, to help inspire the hearts of the collective.

We witness today extreme violence, of degradation of the humanity of others, of cruelty, of the punitive seeking of revenge, of hatred justified in the name of God, of practices of deception and manipulation – all are manifestations of currents of darkness that can infiltrate human emotions and motivations. These currents, while partly emotionally-based, are also parts of Creation existing at other levels of spiritual reality. Today, they play a large role on the world stage and within the hearts of many because it is the time of purification upon the earth. Julie

It takes continual resolve to purify the many facets of self that are not in alignment with the Oneness. Humanity needs to awaken to the understanding that when an issue, hurt, emotion etc gives rise to itself, is where one needs to be loved more. The soul journey is purely to love, and accept all aspects of self, and unite with the one who is LOVE.

The kind of love that humanity has experienced in all its wonder and beauty is but a portion of a far greater love that is limitless, since its Source is an unending, eternal one. This love is generated from within - from the Divine part of each heart. It is not dependent on external circumstance. Its law is universal compassion, tenderness, and forgiveness. Its bestowal is upon everyone. Julie

A simple way to address this shadow side when it arises is to repeat the words ‘I LOVE YOU’. This powerful affirmation brings a wave of peacefulness and calm as it dissolves into the light, bringing one back into alignment.

'Alignment' is based on the perception of a sacred Oneness to which all belong as souls that is the Being and consciousness of a single divine Source. Whether referred to as God, Allah, or just as Source, this holy Consciousness is presumed to be the origin of all love, light, and truth. It contains within Itself the means to achieve harmony in any situation. Julie


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