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 Post subject: Essence of Love
PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2016 3:12 pm 
We are only separated from Oneness by the inability to love, accept and honour, who we truly are. All embodied souls seek love, recognition, and acceptance from others, and in the process are continually let down, hurt or deceived as they view their outer world through the eyes of illusion (from their limited perception and beliefs). It is only by loving respecting, and opening our hearts to our own God, we are able to see the truth and goodness in all hearts.

The longing for an experience of Divine love in order to feel it, to become it, and to share it with humanity, are the steps toward awakening of the Christ-self. At the foundation of this longing is the spiritual gravitation of the human heart toward the Heart of God. This gravitation is something that is indigenous to the human soul. It is part of the spiritual unfoldment of the soul. And so allowing it to grow and nurturing it will ultimately produce the benefits of longing and of praying, especially when accompanied by the purification of those aspects of thought and feeling that may additionally be standing in the way of greater love. Julie

Unconditional love overcomes all adversities we have to endure on our awakening to divinity. There is always a choice when emotions or pain surface into the light. We can persist with our old ways and continue living in a negative loop pattern, or centre, allowing the energy to flow through the embodiment; creating purification, and knowledge that everything passes and changes with each Divine breath.

May the holy Breath of God transform and bless all that seeks a return to the Oneness and all that lives within that Oneness without knowing it. Such a perspective transcends belief, concept, religion, or mental attitude. It is built on the foundation of existence itself which is the Divine life existing at the core of every living being. May this Divine life become activated in the time ahead, uniquely awakening each created being to the holy Essence that lives within them. Julie


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 Post subject: Re: Essence of Love
PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 3:55 pm 
I felt moved to share a beautiful sacred teaching that I reread recently from Julie called, "Who Are You?". It blessed me, may it bless you.


Julie of Light Omega

All that is, is holy. All that is, is sacred. The very ground that you walk upon is alive with consciousness, not the consciousness of human awareness but the consciousness of a living thing. The rocks are alive, the trees are alive, all exist as part of the divine Creation of what is, of all that is.

The life of the world exists in infinite relationships of each to the other. All that is, is related to you as you are related to all that surrounds you. You see the trees, you pass the rocks that border the path you walk on. All are touched by your being there. All are affected.

There is no way of not making a difference, for your very existence within physical form conveys to all around you what you would like to convey and what you would not like to convey. You are transparent, not to physical eyes, but to the eyes of life which exists in a perpetual stream of interacting energy and consciousness.

This is not something to be feared, but to be celebrated. Celebrate that your eternal being is walking the Earth within this present form. It is interacting with all that lives. It is bestowing blessings upon all around itself, even while your outer self may be withholding blessings from the same.

Seek to become one with yourself. Seek to recognize your inner being beyond thought, beyond emotion, beyond the current outer disturbance that your embodied self may find challenging. You are here. You are here within form. The form is not you. It is containing the life that is you that shall go on when the form disappears.

Let the form disappear. Let the life continue and flourish. This is a mantra for our time, a mantra of willingness to join with the eternal self as identity and to let go of limitation. To let go of the singular imposed definitions of physical time. All that is, is evolving. All that is, is growing into greater wholes. This is you, growing eternally. Let the problems of today hold their place within the larger context of your eternal being. You are that, and you are here.

Let the distresses of the outer self be held within the peace of the inner self. Let the hardships you may face be held within the awareness of love. The divine Love of the One can come to you now through every pore of your skin and through every cell of your body. It can come to the deserving and to the undeserving alike. It can come to the conscious and to the less conscious. It can come because you are here and because you are in a body, and because the divine Love of the One is now becoming anchored in the heart of the Earth.

Pray for the Earth. Pray that the Heart of the Earth reach into every nook and cranny of separation that exists within you or within others, and replaces this separation with a perceived sense of unity. All are awaiting this. All are hungry for this, whether the outer self would say so or not.

Offer your sacred love in service to the life of the Earth. Offer it to your neighbor. Offer it to your friends and to those who are less than friends. Your sacred being is walking the Earth in order to make this offering, no matter what outer challenges you may currently be facing. You are not the form, you are that which lives within the form and never dies.

Blessed art Thou, holy Life, that dwells within all beings and causes all to flourish.

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