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 Post subject: Emotional Pain
PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 7:15 am 
All creation exists on the vibration of unconditional love, and it is only those non loving aspects of self that separate one from being aligned with the love and light of the Divine.

Not being able to identify who they truly are, leads one’s thoughts over time to grow into false beliefs that they are not loveable. This creates the emotional pain of guilt and self blame and a feeling of not being worthy of Gods love, so there is a feeling of separation caused by these attachments.

The vibration of limitless or unconditional love is not one that is self-created. Rather, it partakes of the Divine and must be received in the way of an experience of God's love that softens the heart, melting the sharp edges that are often carried in relation to unhealed situations in life or in relation to people with whom one has had difficulty in the past. One can speak of 'unconditional love' and understand that it lives within each human heart at its Divine core, but to arrive at the place where it can be felt as a feeling and conveyed to others as well, it must be awakened first, and this awakening is an awakening of the Christ-self within. Julie

Many have tried to hide their emotional pain by surrendering to alcohol, drugs, and other abusive substances, that in time create addictions, but with the continual increase in light those emotions are surfacing from the hidden to the conscious mind, so now cannot easily be suppressed.

In the presence of the arrival of greater light on the earth, all souls will eventually be thrust into their own process of purification and transformation and will, as a result, encounter what has been hidden or concealed within themselves. In the face of this collective event affecting human consciousness, the earth is and will be changed, and the foundation for a new way of life will be created. Julie

How do you face an emotion when it surfaces into the light? Instead of fearing, quietly acknowledge and observe the feeling and allow yourself to surrender to it. As you drop beneath the pain of emotion know all that exists is the all consuming sentiment of eternal love.

"I am safe. I am protected. I am not my fear." These are the ways of aligning with God's truth and your own truth Julie

Each time one surrenders a painful feeling, it creates a wave of emotion allowing tears to be released, which cleanses and heals yet another part of the psyche. This purification allows the embodied soul to absorb more light, and take another step closer to their God.

Surrender involves a letting go of the ego-self in favour of something much greater – the holiness of infinite love and the peace of oneness. In this letting go, there may exist fear that there is not enough love within the self for the Creator of all, yet this is not true. For the relationship with the One who is All is as innate to the soul as breathing is to the human body. It is part of spiritual breathing to breathe in and out with love for God, to be part of that love, to seek to flow in and with that love. Julie


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