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 Post subject: Addictions
PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:15 pm 
The path that is chosen to purify addictive tendencies can be so overwhelming in intensity of mental, emotional and physical pain for the embodied soul that it sometimes becomes easier to opt for substances that will temporarily comfort to suppress feelings of hopelessness and despair of ever finding inner peace.

Addictions are increasingly prominent where there is a lack of coping mechanisms for anxiety, stress, and underlying emotional issues. It can be more intrinsic in some, as well as learnt behaviour during earthly life.

All addiction that takes us away from the truth of who we are and what reality is, making us smaller in our perception of the possible has consequences. What makes such behaviors addictive is that they are fueled by powerful forces within us and often around us that seek to embed us in an energetic and psychological matrix that while appearing to keep us safe, actually makes us unsafe in its substitution of illusion for truth. Julie

Although forsaking addiction /addictions is the souls choice it does take strength of purpose, determination, and resolve for the embodied soul to tread this path, as there is always the constant pull to lead one in a different direction down the road of delusion. At every level of purification its power lessens, but difficult to desist totally until one stands in the light of God.

All addiction whose origin is the state of separation that the embodied self experiences from God and from its true self, must be healed by finding its way back to the center of this dilemma – to the source of its own pain. When this can occur in a more authentic way, that is, when it is recognized that it is spiritual hunger that is fueling the craving for a substitute and illusory peace rather than a real peace, then, and only then, can the spiritual enlightenment of the embodied self begin in an authentic way. Julie

Can addictions be totally eradicated in a lifetime? My feelings are they will continue to sit quietly in the shadows of the past as a reminder of how far one has transcended into the light, and with the insight gained are able to guide and support those on a similar journey.


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