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 Post subject: Synchronicity that led to a Soul Meeting
PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:43 pm 
We are all aware that synchronicity is something that happens when we are in alignment with Divine time. This is an experience that happened to me a few weeks ago when my friend and I arrived at the airport at the start of our holidays.

Everything was pre-planned, our holiday destination, flights, hotel, transfers and car parking at the airport. I soon realised that Divine flow was not running smoothly when due to word misrepresentation we found our car parking was not at the airport, but many miles away. This was the start of everything going on a downward spiral; the final straw was at the boarding gate where I was denied boarding, due to wrong information given to me by the flight company about a change on my passport. Looking back I can see clearly that a series of events led to a domino effect at every stage of the start of our holiday travel.

Anchoring in light creates a new kind of 'flow' - a flow of connection with the Divine source of our being. It is uplifting, positive, tranquil, reassuring, comforting, and real. During the moments in which we are truly within this Divine flow, we know ourselves to be safe and we know ourselves to be alright. Julie

Sitting quietly I went into that deeper part of self and aligned with the Universe, all felt well, so wondered why everything outwardly appeared catastrophic. For some reason I was not meant to fly that day, and had to trust that whatever was happening was for the highest good. I felt this did not apply to my friend as she hadn’t been refused boarding.

Trust partakes of both faith and belief but is more than this. Ultimately, it is based on the experience of the goodness of life and God, and on the understanding that all that is Life works in the direction of positive change and growth at all times, both for individuals and for the planet as a whole. The deeper our trust, the more it can be held even in the presence of external circumstance in which great hardship and pain may be present, but in which the deeper self recognizes that somehow God will turn this circumstance, also, to the good. Julie

The day ended with the flight company accepting full responsibility. We were assured after many hours of liaising with their head office that we would be able to obtain another flight two days later, where all extra charges incurred would be reimbursed. We returned home eleven hours later quite exhausted.

We arrived at the airport for the second time and after going through the usual channels were entering the departure lounge when a lady (I now know as Donna) came running up asking if she could join us because she had a fear of flying on her own. We spoke for a few minutes but then had to board the plane. As soon as the plane was in flight Donna came to find us and seeing an empty seat beside me asked if she could sit there for the rest of the journey.

Speaking to her, I was instantly aware it was a soul connection. We were totally at one and in alignment at every level, as the conversation flowed so effortlessly. She told me she had been through many years of addictions, and a long term relationship that ended in her having a slight heart attack. All this led to opening her path of awareness and she now works with people who have addictions, using acupuncture as a tool. We exchanged email addresses as we realised we have a lot of spiritual knowledge to share; also I am interested in learning more about addictions, and the therapy she uses.

She continued to tell me that she had wanted to fly to Palma the previous week but there were no seats available until that day. I also told her how I was denied boarding 2 days previously, but knew that it was for a reason, and had to wait for life to unfold to find out why!

She paused for a moment, and thought, then turned to me and said ……“Well! Obviously we both made soul contracts to meet one another”

Synchronicity - the unexpected merging of two separate events that are emotionally and/or vibrationally connected with each other that come together in outer or inner reality. These events are brought about by vibrational affinity, not through one's own will. Julie

Reading this post you can see that there is always a bigger picture to whatever happens in our lives. Had I not aligned with that deeper part of self to find the truth of the situation the first day of departure, I would most probably have gone into panic mode and total melt down as my friend did.

Today, few take actual vows of outer silence, but many strive to take vows of inner silence. This is the silence of the mental process, the silence in which truth and compassion can emerge. The vow of inner silence reduces the power of the ego. It enables us to listen and to hear the voice of truth. Julie


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 Post subject: Re: Synchronicity that led to a Soul Meeting
PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 11:00 pm 

Thank you Jeannie for sharing this sacred experience with us.

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