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 Post subject: Letting go of an Attachment
PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 9:26 am 
At the airport on our return journey home my friend insisted we sat where she assumed the flight desk (we had to book in) was, but I couldn’t relax. There was an inner pull as if I was being drawn in a different direction. Walking quite a distance through the airport I suddenly turned left where I saw other flight desks, including ours (which was open), and where everyone was queuing to book onto the flight!

Rectifying their mistake on our outward bound journey the airline assured us that return flights were booked and in order. We knew we were fast tracked which meant we would be checking in quickly, but that was not meant to be. We were told the flight was full, and they could only give us standby boarding passes (apparently the flight company had overbooked by ten percent). We were then informed there wasn’t another flight for four days, but assured by the manager that if we couldn’t board we would be reimbursed by the airline, and hotels and flights would be found.

This did not sit well with my friend as panic, frustration and anger took over. Connecting to that quiet place within all felt good yet again, although the situation appeared disastrous.

Anger is an outgrowth of the ego's need to create protection for the self once Divine protection no longer seemed available or present. The ego, instituted as the inner agent of self-protection and self-control, when faced with helplessness, seeks to regain power and control through the potent energy release of anger that mobilizes one's defences against a perceived enemy or threat. In this sense, anger is a mobilizing agent which attempts to insure that one is well-defended and protected from harm. Julie

We were asked to go through security, make our way to the boarding gate and wait till the end of boarding. Knowing that a family of five had only two seats, and were going to refuse to allow the plane to take off; another was threatening to sue the airline I couldn’t see how this situation could be resolved, but had to trust that deeper knowing.

The surest foundation for the development of trust is the experience of God's love the Divine current that can run through a situation, an event, a body, or a life. This experience is both tangible and real, letting the one who experiences it know that love is real, and that one is forever held within the embrace of the holy and sanctified Heart of the Creator. Julie

At that moment Donna (who I met on the outbound flight) appeared, so asked what her feelings were. Like me she felt all was well, and knew we would be on the flight. I couldn’t convey this to my friend as she wouldn’t listen and was getting herself in a frenzied state – so, I just stood back.

As everyone was boarding. I said a quiet prayer asking for two vacant seats and ‘Please could I have an aisle seat”? Still trusting, but wondering what the outcome would be was very pleased when a stewardess came over and told us there were two seats available, and “Yes” I did have my aisle seat!

Pondering on the events of the day and of those on the outward flight was questioning why it had happened. I was made aware the truth had to be shown where a friendship was concerned, and had to let go of this attachment. I was conscious of the fact that in order for her to increase her own soul growth she needed to follow her path and find her own way, as we were both in a different space in our development and awareness.

In the end, one learns that truly letting go of something is not a matter of the will but of the heart. The heart must feel that something else is more important than what is being held onto, and that something can only be felt as more important if it is loved. Such love can be for the self, for another, for life, and most especially for God. Those who let go of an undesirable but embedded need are most successful in doing so when the embedded need that creates the attachment is surrendered to the Divine, dismantling the wishes of the ego to remain in power. Julie

Still lost in my own thoughts I heard a voice say “I knew you would be on the plane” looking up I saw Donna. It was then I understood the reason for all of the holiday travel turmoil. It was to let go of one friendship that was not evolving, and connect to another at soul level.


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