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 Post subject: Forgiveness
PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:34 pm 
Part of the souls healing process is to learn forgiveness. To be able to forgive those who have hurt or harmed - remembering those responsible are continuing to battle with their own souls. By not allowing absolution, memories of hurt will reside within our cells and persist as we grow into adulthood.

To see the degree of suffering of a soul in its original form is to know the origin of misguided behaviour, since souls start out in a state of purity and attunement to God and goodness, and only later choose pathways that lead them away from this. Julie

As embodied souls we also need to forgive ourselves. Experiencing hurt creates a tendency to hold onto the emotions of guilt, shame, and humiliation. The feeling of being, and have done wrong, and not worthy of anyone or anything, especially Gods love - this prolongs the process of separation.

Self-forgiveness seems beyond reach and the struggle to feel it seems beyond possibility, it is time to stretch even further toward God's heart - a heart so large that it can even forgive rejection of itself as in the Garden of Eden story - a heart so large that it can love any soul, no matter what that soul has done. This heart forgives us when forgiveness is sought, even when we can't forgive ourselves.

In addition, when forgiveness seems hard, it is time to remind ourselves that we are souls, learning as we live, needing to be taught, striving for perfection, but learning through our mistakes. As souls, we need to respect the learning process in ourselves and to know that we cannot grow up before we grow up. First, we are children, then we are youths, then we are adults, both physically and spiritually. Julie

Only when we forgive totally, are we able to align with the Oneness of eternal love.


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