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 Post subject: Seeking Wholeness
PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 4:56 pm 
Soul searching is a seemingly everlasting quest, as one seeks to reach out to the hand of God. Those moments of insight to connectedness signify the soul is stirring, as it begins to awaken the heart. It is in those precious moments of awareness that one feels the love of the God self, and hears the whispers of truth from the Divine.

Nevertheless, though unattended, the soul does not sleep. It cannot sleep, for it is a layer of our being and an essential part of what makes physical existence possible. The soul is ever watchful behind the eyes of the embodied individual, waiting for a chance to express, waiting for the conditions to be such that it can emerge. Some souls have waited a long time behind closed doors for the right opportunity to come out. This is not the soul's choice but the personality's choice. They have waited long because the person has felt too unsafe in the world to make its deeper self known. Julie

Completely trusting, while staying faithful to source, allows the expansion of the heart as the soul shines through, purifying those unconscious layers of existence, that separates one from wholeness.

The task of learning to wait is a complex one for most embodied souls, for it involves a depth of trust in the reality of Divine perfection and Divine love which assures that the best possible outcome will occur if one does not rush things or take things into one’s own hands prematurely, but waits for Divine will to manifest. Julie

Those who remain faithful, especially at times of hardship, are souls whose inner life is committed to serving a spiritual ideal, whether the mind recognizes this ideal or not. They are souls who have come here to serve, and a significant aspect of that service is through remaining faithful. Julie

Even when the heart begins to awaken one still needs to be dedicated to the practice of alignment, as it continues to develop the soul’s growth.

Alignment is the central axis of a spiritual practice that seeks to incorporate more light into one's being for the purpose of benefiting the self and the Earth. Julie


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