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 Post subject: Physical Symptoms of Ascension
PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:32 pm 
The earth has been going through a period of rebirth, and with the last of the major planetary alignments, and the approaching equinox the earth’s transition finally moves from one seven year galactic cycle through another seven year ascension portal, as the two earths separate.

As a result of the expansion of light, the earth is being brought forward into the next stage of her evolution, and all beings who inhabit her are being brought forward as well. Higher frequencies of light now present on earth are interacting with all that exists of matter and energy with a singular purpose - to root out all that is not in harmony with the higher vibration of light in order to establish a new reign of holiness within human experience and awareness. Julie

We are all at different stages of development, but many have been experiencing increasing physical symptoms, as they go through self ascension, dissolving into the light any energies of resistance that are still held within the body so they can unify with the higher vibrational energies.

The necessity for purification relates to the physical functioning of the body as much as it relates to the spiritual functioning of the heart and soul. For the body contains many of the negative energies or energies of limitation that affect consciousness, and it is the new body of light that will be joined with the higher vibrations of light, making it possible for the earth to experience a new way of being as a planetary body and as a people. Julie

On a personal note, some months ago I started experiencing extreme physical symptoms of inflammation, then numbness, to painful tingling in my feet and hands, resulting in being unable to put my feet to the ground because of the pain. I had many tests all proved negative, leaving my doctor baffled.

I was aware the pressure in my head, blurred vision and high pitch tones in my ears were due to vibrational changes, but never associated these other signs as being part of the ascension process; until I had a severe digestive disorder and couldn’t function.

Unable to find an answer I asked in prayer for guidance, and was shown the word ‘Detox’. I then became conscious of the fact these symptoms were being brought to light to be purified, and detox was the answer. I have since been guided to use a detox tincture, change my diet slightly, drink more purified water, and use Dead Sea salts in bathing (it is helping greatly).

On the physical level, purification can involve the manifestation within the body of symptoms resulting from the release of energies formerly bound by cells, organs, and tissues. Such purification-related symptoms, often undiagnoseable, relate to aspects of consciousness that we have needed to repress in an effort to cope with life's challenges. Julie

Knowing the body is the temple of our soul, we need to treat it with the greatest respect and Divine love.

Always, within God's reality, everything is offered, and choices must be made freely. So it is with this decision as well. The body is a fine instrument that may be used for any one of a number of purposes. However, in order for it to perform at its greatest potential, it needs to be finely tuned, and this is what the purification process accomplishes. Julie


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