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 Post subject: Raising Consciousness
PostPosted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:32 am 
Since the equinox there has been a deepening of purification not only for mother earth, but for embodied souls. Over the months a lot of planetary action has been in retrograde motion, encouraging us to go deep within to re-evaluate the lower energy centres that have kept us attached to people, and situations that do not align with our soul. As these purify and balance they enable us to rise, and expand our consciousness connecting and anchoring the heart centre. The expanded heart centre is the foundation required for transcending into 5th dimensional consciousness.

We are changing from carbon to crystalline energy, and going through an accelerated process of transformation. If we can assist these changes as they are taking place we will be living in trust, and if we resist we will be living in fear. So, in this hastening of purification we need to be kind to ourselves and know that ‘I AM’ God and all is well.

In relation to the inner life, the action of Gods light illuminates consciousness and purifies the body where hidden emotions are often held. As a result, attitudes, motivations, and feelings that were formerly concealed are now exposed to the light of awareness, and things one may have suspected about oneself but never perceived clearly are increasingly revealed. Julie

On a personal note, only by going into the quiet and staying aligned have I felt any peace or comfort when the physical symptoms of ascension have become debilitating. So, I have been allowing the physical discomforts to wash over me, conscious of the fact that everything will pass if I breathe and stay in the moment.

The releasing of energies requires bringing darkness to light in order for the alchemical process of transmutation to occur. When this occurs, the darkness is released into an energetic matrix which is stronger and more cohesive than the dark energies. When this light is held around whatever painful feelings may be occurring, it slowly but surely dissolves the darkness in the light, never to be heard from again. Julie

It is only by the practice of alignment that we are able to connect to the God self (our soul) which resonates in the deepest part of our heart.


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